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English English - Definition of cautionary 
adj. characterized by or serving as a warning
Spanish English To Spanish - cautionary 
adj. aleccionador, admonitorio, de índole preventiva, preventivo
French English To French - cautionary 
adj. caractère de qqch qui prévient, met en garde contre; avertissant, prévenant
German English To German - cautionary 
adj. warnend, mahnend
Italian English To Italian - cautionary 
agg. ammonitore, ammonitorio, di avvertimento; (Dir) cauzionale
Portuguese English To Portuguese - cautionary 
adj. admonitório, que avisa
Russian English To Russian - cautionary 
прил. предостерегающий, предупреждающий
Turkish English To Turkish - cautionary 
s. uyarıcı, ikaz edici
Albanian English To Albanian - cautionary 
adj. paralajmërues
Dutch English To Dutch - cautionary 
bn. waarschuwend
Greek English To Greek - cautionary 
επίθ. προειδοποιητικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - cautionary 
(形) 警告的; 告诫的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - cautionary 
(形) 警告的; 告誡的
Japanese English To Japanese - cautionary 
(形) 警告的な
Korean English To Korean - cautionary 
형. 경계의, 경고의
adjective: tending to ward off
adjective: serving to warn.


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