adj. careful, wary
English - Spanish - cautious Pronunciation
adj. cuidadoso, cauteloso, cauto, circunspecto, cuidador, discreto, mirado, ponderado, precavido, previsor, prudente, remirado
English - French - cautious Pronunciation
adj. circonspect, prudent; soigneux, attentif; avisé
English - German - cautious Pronunciation
adj. vorsichtig
English - Italian - cautious Pronunciation
agg. prudente, cauto, guardingo, circospetto
English - Portuguese - cautious Pronunciation
adj. cauteloso
English - Russian - cautious Pronunciation
прил. осторожный, опасливый, осмотрительный, предусмотрительный, бережный
English - Turkish - cautious Pronunciation
s. tedbirli, ihtiyatlı, dikkatli, sakınan
English - Albanian - cautious Pronunciation
adj. matur: i matur, kujdesshëm: i kujdesshëm
English - Dutch - cautious Pronunciation
bn. oplettend; voorzichtig
English - Greek - cautious Pronunciation
επίθ. προσεκτικός, επιφυλακτικός
English - Chinese - cautious Pronunciation
(形) 谨慎的; 小心的
English - Chinese - cautious Pronunciation
(形) 謹慎的; 小心的
English - Japanese - cautious Pronunciation
(形) 用心深い, 慎重な
English - Korean - cautious Pronunciation
형. 조심성 있는
noun: people who are fearful and cautious
adjective: avoiding excess
adjective: unwilling to take risks
adjective: cautious in attitude and careful in actions; prudent Example:A cautious answer.
adjective: showing careful forethought Example:Reserved and cautious.

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Synonyms for cautious
careful: observant, prudent, safe, circumspect, watchful, mindful, solicitous