Definition of cavalcade Pronunciation
1. A company of riders.
2. A parade.
3. A trail ride, usually more than one day long.
4. A series, a chain (e.g. of events).
As soon as I visited this website, a cavalcade of dialog boxes started to appear on my screen; that's when I realized my computer was infected with a virus.
5. To move as part of a series or group, such as marchers in a parade or snow in an avalanche, especially in large numbers or in a chaotic or dangerous fashion
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English - English - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. procession; parade of horsemen
n. cavalcade, stampede, knightage
n. cavalcade, procession; parade of horsemen
English - Spanish - cavalcade Pronunciation
s. cabalgata, desfile de caballos
English - French - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. cavalcade; défilé de cavaliers; parade
English - German - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. Kavalkade; Reiteraufzug
English - Indonesian - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. arak-arakan, iring-iringan, pawai
English - Italian - cavalcade Pronunciation
s. cavalcata; sfilata
English - Portuguese - cavalcade Pronunciation
s. cavalgada
English - Romanian - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. cavalcadă
English - Russian - cavalcade Pronunciation
с. кавалькада, группа всадников
English - Turkish - cavalcade Pronunciation
i. süvari alayı, süvari geçit töreni
English - Ukrainian - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. кавалькада, група вершників, шеренга екіпажів, низка машин, процесія, церемоніальний марш, хід
French - English - cavalcade Pronunciation
(f) n. cavalcade, stampede, knightage
Dutch - English - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. cavalcade, procession; parade of horsemen
English - Dutch - cavalcade Pronunciation
zn. cavalcade; ruiterstoet
English - Greek - cavalcade Pronunciation
ουσ. έφιππη παρέλαση, έφιππη πομπή
French - German - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. kavalkade
French - Russian - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. кавалькада (f)
French - Turkish - cavalcade Pronunciation
[la] geçit töreni; başıboş kalabalık
Dutch - French - cavalcade Pronunciation
(algemeen) défilé (m)
English - Chinese - cavalcade Pronunciation
(名) 骑马行进; 骑兵队; 游行行列; 一系列
English - Chinese - cavalcade Pronunciation
(名) 騎馬行進; 騎兵隊; 遊行行列; 一系列
English - Hindi - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. घुड़सवार-दल
English - Japanese - cavalcade Pronunciation
(名) 行進
English - Korean - cavalcade Pronunciation
명. 기마대
English - Vietnamese - cavalcade Pronunciation
n. cuộc biểu diển

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Synonyms for cavalcade
procession: march, review, pageant, parade, progression, succession