Definition of ceiling Pronunciation
1. An upper limit on what is allowed.
He put a ceiling on the number of women who worked for him.
There was a roof on salaries.
They established a cap for prices.
2. (meteorology) altitude of the lowest layer of clouds.
3. Maximum altitude at which a plane can fly (under specified conditions).
4. The overhead upper surface of a covered space.
He hated painting the ceiling.
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English - English - ceiling Pronunciation
n. overhead wall enclosing a room
English - Spanish - ceiling Pronunciation
s. techo, amurada, cielo, cielo raso
English - French - ceiling Pronunciation
n. plafond (d'une pièce); plafond (politique)
English - German - ceiling Pronunciation
n. Decke; Obergrenze
English - Indonesian - ceiling Pronunciation
n. langit-langit, lelangit, loteng, batas tertinggi, plafon, gaji tertinggi, harga maksimum, harga plafon
English - Italian - ceiling Pronunciation
s. soffitto; (Mar) fasciame interno; tetto, limite massimo; (Aer) altitudine massima, quota di tangenza; quota massima; (Meteor) livello delle nubi; (Arch) volta
English - Polish - ceiling Pronunciation
n. stropowanie, sufit, strop, pułap, powała, plafon, podbicie
English - Portuguese - ceiling Pronunciation
s. teto
English - Romanian - ceiling Pronunciation
n. tavan, plafon, limită, nivel maxim
English - Russian - ceiling Pronunciation
с. потолок, перекрытие; максимальный выпуск продукции, максимальная цена; предельная высота; обшивка, доска для обшивки
English - Turkish - ceiling Pronunciation
i. tavan, iç kaplama (gemi), yükseklik sınırı
English - Ukrainian - ceiling Pronunciation
n. стеля, максимум, межа, ціна: максимальна ціна, практичний: практична стеля, висота хмар, підшивка стелі
English - Dutch - ceiling Pronunciation
zn. plafond
English - Greek - ceiling Pronunciation
ουσ. οροφή, ταβάνι, όριο, ανώτατο ύψος
English - Arabic - ceiling Pronunciation
‏سقف، الحد الأعلى، حد أعلى، أقصى الإرتفاع‏
English - Chinese - ceiling Pronunciation
(名) 天花板; 最高限度
English - Chinese - ceiling Pronunciation
(名) 天花板; 最高限度
English - Hindi - ceiling Pronunciation
n. छत, भीतरी छत, छाद, ऊपरी सीमा
English - Japanese - ceiling Pronunciation
(名) 天井; 最高限度; 上昇限度
English - Korean - ceiling Pronunciation
명. 천장
English - Vietnamese - ceiling Pronunciation
n. sự lót ván, tối cao độ của phi cơ

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Synonyms for ceiling
covering: hatch, cover, case, umbrella, roofing, attic, integument