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English English - Definition of cell 
n. loculus, smallest unit of life (Biology, Anatomy); small room; small room in prison, jail cell; smal room in a convent; battery, electric storage cell; small group of people that is part of a larger organization who work together
smallest organizational unit of a movement; single unit that transforms radiant energy into electric energy
v. live in a prison cell; share a jail cell; store in a honeycomb
Spanish English To Spanish - cell 
s. célula, alvéolo, basidio; celda, calabozo, mazmorra; pila
French English To French - cell 
n. cellule (moine), petite chambre d'un religieux, loge; cachot, cellule (prison); cellule, alvéole (ruche); cellule de mémoire (Comptabilité); cellule, unité morphologique et fonctionnelle constitutive de tout être vivant (Biologie)
German English To German - cell 
n. Zelle; Speicherzelle
Italian English To Italian - cell 
s. cellula, elemento vitale più piccolo, l'unità fondamentale della vita di tutti gli esseri viventi; (inform.) cellula di memoria
Portuguese English To Portuguese - cell 
s. célula (Biologia, Anatomia); pequeno quarto; cela de prisão, cárcere; pequeno quarto em um convento; bateria; pequeno grupo de pessoas que trabalham juntas em uma organização; a menor unidade de organização em um movimento; unidade única que transforma energia radiante em energia elétrica
Russian English To Russian - cell 
с. камера, отсек, отделение, клетка, клеточка, ячейка, тюремная камера; келья; скит, обитель, небольшой монастырь; могила; ячея, элемент; секция крыла [авиа], коробка крыльев [авиа]; ячейка памяти
Turkish English To Turkish - cell 
i. hücre; petek gözü, göz; pil; oda (manastır vb); toplumdan kaçan kimsenin kapandığı evi
Albanian English To Albanian - cell 
n. qeli burgu, qeli manastiri, hojëz, qelizë [biol.], pilë [el.], celulë [polit.], element
v. jetoj në qelë, qeli: jam në qeli
Dutch English To Dutch - cell 
zn. cel
Greek English To Greek - cell 
ουσ. κελί, κελλίο, οικίσκος, κύτταρο, πυρήνας, στοιχείο
ChineseS English To ChineseS - cell 
(名) 单元, 电池, 细胞
ChineseT English To ChineseT - cell 
(名) 單元, 電池, 細胞
Japanese English To Japanese - cell 
(名) 独房; 巣房; 個室; 電池; 細胞
Korean English To Korean - cell 
명. 세포, 생명체의 가장 작은 단위
noun: (biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; cells may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals
noun: a device that delivers an electric current as the result of a chemical reaction
noun: a room where a prisoner is kept
noun: small room is which a monk or nun lives
noun: any small compartment Example:The cells of a honeycomb.


 Synonyms for cell
1. living organism: microorganism,
2. small container: container, receptacle, apartment, cavity, hole
3. room: chamber, coop, vault, pen, booth, recess, cubicle
4. unit: block, group, number, clique, organisation, organization

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