Definition of cembalo Pronunciation
1. A harpsichord.
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English - English - cembalo Pronunciation
n. harpsichord (musical instrument)
n. cembalo, harpsichord, antique keyboard instrument
n. cymbal, curved disc shaped percussion instrument made of brass (often used in pairs)
English - Spanish - cembalo Pronunciation
s. arpicordio (instrumento musical)
English - French - cembalo Pronunciation
n. cymbale, chacun des deux disques de cuivre qui composent un instrument de musique
English - German - cembalo Pronunciation
n. Cembalo (Musikinstrument), Klaviercembalo
English - Italian - cembalo Pronunciation
s. clavicembalo; salterio
English - Portuguese - cembalo Pronunciation
s. cembalo (instrumento musical)
English - Russian - cembalo Pronunciation
цимбалы; чембало
English - Turkish - cembalo Pronunciation
i. çembalo, klavsen, klavyeli ve telli bir çalgı
English - Ukrainian - cembalo Pronunciation
n. цимбали
German - English - cembalo Pronunciation
n. harpsichord (musical instrument)
Italian - English - cembalo Pronunciation
n. cymbal, curved disc shaped percussion instrument made of brass (often used in pairs)
Dutch - English - cembalo Pronunciation
n. cembalo
English - Dutch - cembalo Pronunciation
zn. cembalo (muziek instrument)
English - Greek - cembalo Pronunciation
(Lex). ουσ. μουσ. Κύμβαλο, έμμονο μπάσο κοντσέρτου
German - Spanish - cembalo Pronunciation
n. clavicémbalo (m), clave (f), cémbalo (m), clavecín (m)
German - French - cembalo Pronunciation
n. clavecin (m)
German - Italian - cembalo Pronunciation
n. clavicembalo (m)
German - Russian - cembalo Pronunciation
n. клавесин (n)
German - Turkish - cembalo Pronunciation
i. çembalo (n)
Italian - French - cembalo Pronunciation
(musica - strumenti) cymbale (f)
Italian - German - cembalo Pronunciation
n. zimbel
English - Chinese - cembalo Pronunciation
(名) 大键琴; 羽管键琴
English - Chinese - cembalo Pronunciation
(名) 大鍵琴; 羽管鍵琴
English - Hindi - cembalo Pronunciation
n. झांझ
English - Japanese - cembalo Pronunciation
(名) チェンバロ(楽器)
English - Korean - cembalo Pronunciation
명. 쳄발로
German - Chinese - cembalo Pronunciation
[das] 大键琴。

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