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English English - Definition of centre 
n. middle, midpoint, place located in the middle (British spelling for center)
n. center, middle; focus; unit; focusing
v. center
Spanish English To Spanish - centre 
s. Centro, en el medio (como en center)
French English To French - centre 
n. centre, milieu
German English To German - centre 
[center] v. zentrieren, einmitteln
n. Mitte, Mittelpunkt, Zentrum (andere Schreibweise für center)
Italian English To Italian - centre 
s. centro, mezzo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - centre 
s. centro, meio (ortografia britânica)
Russian English To Russian - centre 
с. центр, середина, средняя точка, средоточие; ось, стержень; центральный игрок; угольник, шаблон; кернер
Turkish English To Turkish - centre 
i. göbek, merkez, orta, ılımlı kimse, ılımlı politik görüş, odak, orta alan, orta alan oyuncusu, santra, kemer inşaat desteği, punta, sente, kubbe inşaat desteği
English French To English - centre 
(m) n. center, middle; focus; unit; focusing
English Portuguese To English - centre 
[centrar] v. center, middle
English Spanish To English - centre 
[centrar] v. center
Albanian English To Albanian - centre 
n. vatër, qendër, pjesë qendrore, element kryesor [fig.], person më i rëndësishëm, qendër aktiviteti, lojtar i qendrës [sport.], parti e qendrës [polit.]
v. përqendroj, përqendrohem, sillem rreth, qendërzoj [tek.], pasoj në qendër [sport.]
Dutch English To Dutch - centre 
zn. centrum, midden, middelpunt
Greek English To Greek - centre 
ουσ. κέντρο
Dutch French To Dutch - centre 
1. (ville) centrum (n); binnenstad (m/f)
2. (importance) middelpunt (n)
3. (milieu) midden (n); centrum (n) 4. (coeur) kern (m/f); binnenste (n); hart (n); middelpunt (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - centre 
(名) 中心, 中锋, 中心点 (center 的另一种写法)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - centre 
[center] (動) 集中; 定中心; 使聚集在一點; 居中; 被置於中心; 有中心
Japanese English To Japanese - centre 
(名) 中央, 中心, 中央に位地する場所(center とも綴る)
(動) 集中する; 中心に置く; センターへパスする
Korean English To Korean - centre 
명. 중심, 중앙, 중심지, 중앙 부대, 중도파, 홍예틀, 속, 중
German French To German - centre 
n. mitte, stadtmitte, schaltstelle, flanke, mittelpunkt, zentrum, heim, geschäftszentrum, mittel
Italian French To Italian - centre 
1. (ville) centro (m)
2. (importance) fulcro (m)
3. (milieu) mezzo (m); centro (m) 4. (coeur) centro (m); nucleo (m); cuore (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - centre 
1. (ville) centro (m)
2. (importance) foco (m); centro (m)
3. (milieu) meio (m); centro (m) 4. (coeur) centro (m); coração (m); cerne (m); âmago (m)
Russian French To Russian - centre 
n. центр (m), центральный: центральная точка (m), середина (m), средоточие (m), фокусировка (m), узловой пункт (m), узел (m), база (m), центровой: центровое отверстие (тех.) (m), ядро (тех.) (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - centre 
1. (ville) centro (m)
2. (importance) centro (m); foco (m)
3. (milieu) medio (m); centro (m) 4. (coeur) centro (m); núcleo (m); corazón (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - centre 
[le] özek, merkez, orta
noun: a low-lying region in central France
noun: a building dedicated to a particular activity
noun: a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process
noun: the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering
noun: a place where some particular activity is concentrated
noun: a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure
noun: an area that is approximately central within some larger region


 Synonyms for centre
1. core: mean, heart, middle, essence, midpoint, gist, midst
2. middle: halfway, midway, mid, median, internal, equidistant, inner
3. point: nucleus, axis, focal point, hub, focus, pivot, heart
4. focus: concentrate, centralise, centralize, unite, combine, join, meet
Tenses for centre
Present participle: centring
Present: centre (3.person: centres)
Past: centred
Future: will centre
Present conditional: would centre
Present Perfect: have centred (3.person: has centred)
Past Perfect: had centred
Future Perfect: will have centred
Past conditional: would have centred

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