Definition of centre Pronunciation
1. A building dedicated to a particular activity.
They were raising money to build a new center for research.
2. The object upon which interest and attention focuses.
His stories made him the center of the party.
3. A cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process.
In most people the speech center is in the left hemisphere.
4. The choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience.
The gist of the prosecutor's argument.
The heart and soul of the Republican Party.
The nub of the story.
5. The sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering.
6. An area that is approximately central within some larger region.
It is in the center of town.
They ran forward into the heart of the struggle.
They were in the eye of the storm.
7. A point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure.
8. A place where some particular activity is concentrated.
They received messages from several centers.
9. A low-lying region in central France.
10. Direct one's attention on something.
Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies.
11. Move into the center.
That vase in the picture is not centered.
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English - English - centre Pronunciation
n. middle, midpoint, place located in the middle (British spelling for center)
n. center, middle; focus; unit; focusing
v. center
English - Spanish - centre Pronunciation
s. Centro, en el medio (como en center)
Spanish - English - centre Pronunciation
[centrar] v. center
English - French - centre Pronunciation
n. centre, milieu
English - German - centre Pronunciation
[center] v. zentrieren, einmitteln
n. Mitte, Mittelpunkt, Zentrum (andere Schreibweise für center)
English - Italian - centre Pronunciation
s. centro, mezzo
English - Portuguese - centre Pronunciation
s. centro, meio (ortografia britânica)
English - Russian - centre Pronunciation
с. центр, середина, средняя точка, средоточие; ось, стержень; центральный игрок; угольник, шаблон; кернер
English - Turkish - centre Pronunciation
i. göbek, merkez, orta, ılımlı kimse, ılımlı politik görüş, odak, orta alan, orta alan oyuncusu, santra, kemer inşaat desteği, punta, sente, kubbe inşaat desteği
French - English - centre Pronunciation
(m) n. center, middle; focus; unit; focusing
Portuguese - English - centre Pronunciation
[centrar] v. center, middle
English - Dutch - centre Pronunciation
zn. centrum, midden, middelpunt
English - Greek - centre Pronunciation
ουσ. κέντρο
French - Spanish - centre Pronunciation
1. (ville) centro (m)
2. (importance) centro (m); foco (m)
3. (milieu) medio (m); centro (m) 4. (coeur) centro (m); núcleo (m); corazón (m)
French - German - centre Pronunciation
n. mitte, stadtmitte, schaltstelle, flanke, mittelpunkt, zentrum, heim, geschäftszentrum, mittel
French - Italian - centre Pronunciation
1. (ville) centro (m)
2. (importance) fulcro (m)
3. (milieu) mezzo (m); centro (m) 4. (coeur) centro (m); nucleo (m); cuore (m)
French - Portuguese - centre Pronunciation
1. (ville) centro (m)
2. (importance) foco (m); centro (m)
3. (milieu) meio (m); centro (m) 4. (coeur) centro (m); coração (m); cerne (m); âmago (m)
French - Russian - centre Pronunciation
n. центр (m), центральный: центральная точка (m), середина (m), средоточие (m), фокусировка (m), узловой пункт (m), узел (m), база (m), центровой: центровое отверстие (тех.) (m), ядро (тех.) (m)
French - Turkish - centre Pronunciation
[le] özek, merkez, orta
French - Dutch - centre Pronunciation
1. (ville) centrum (n); binnenstad (m/f)
2. (importance) middelpunt (n)
3. (milieu) midden (n); centrum (n) 4. (coeur) kern (m/f); binnenste (n); hart (n); middelpunt (n)
English - Chinese - centre Pronunciation
(名) 中心, 中锋, 中心点 (center 的另一种写法)
English - Chinese - centre Pronunciation
[center] (動) 集中; 定中心; 使聚集在一點; 居中; 被置於中心; 有中心
English - Japanese - centre Pronunciation
(名) 中央, 中心, 中央に位地する場所(center とも綴る)
(動) 集中する; 中心に置く; センターへパスする
English - Korean - centre Pronunciation
명. 중심, 중앙, 중심지, 중앙 부대, 중도파, 홍예틀, 속, 중

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Verb forms for centre
Present participle: centring
Present: centre (3.person: centres)
Past: centred
Future: will centre
Present conditional: would centre
Present Perfect: have centred (3.person: has centred)
Past Perfect: had centred
Future Perfect: will have centred
Past conditional: would have centred