Definition of cerebrum Pronunciation
1. The upper part of the brain, which is divided into the two cerebral hemispheres. In humans it is the largest part of the brain and is the seat of motor and sensory functions, and the higher mental functions such as consciousness, thought, reason, emotion, and memory.
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English - English - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. upper front part of the brain associated with voluntary and conscious properties
English - Spanish - cerebrum Pronunciation
s. cerebro
English - French - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. cerveau
English - German - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. Großhirn, oberer teil des Gehirns verantworlich für bewusste Handlungen
English - Indonesian - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. otak besar
English - Italian - cerebrum Pronunciation
s. (Anat) cerebro, cervello
English - Polish - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. mózg {anat.}
English - Portuguese - cerebrum Pronunciation
s. o grande cérebro
English - Russian - cerebrum Pronunciation
с. головной мозг, большой мозг
English - Turkish - cerebrum Pronunciation
i. beyin
English - Ukrainian - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. головний мозок
English - Dutch - cerebrum Pronunciation
zn. grote hersenen
English - Greek - cerebrum Pronunciation
ουσ. εγκέφαλος
Dutch - French - cerebrum Pronunciation
(anatomie) cerveau (m)
English - Arabic - cerebrum Pronunciation
English - Chinese - cerebrum Pronunciation
(名) 大脑
English - Chinese - cerebrum Pronunciation
(名) 大腦
English - Hindi - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. मस्तिष्क
English - Japanese - cerebrum Pronunciation
(名) 大脳
English - Korean - cerebrum Pronunciation
명. 뇌
English - Vietnamese - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. não,óc, óc

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