n. upper front part of the brain associated with voluntary and conscious properties
English - Spanish - cerebrum Pronunciation
s. cerebro
English - French - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. cerveau
English - German - cerebrum Pronunciation
n. Großhirn, oberer teil des Gehirns verantworlich für bewusste Handlungen
English - Italian - cerebrum Pronunciation
s. (Anat) cerebro, cervello
English - Portuguese - cerebrum Pronunciation
s. o grande cérebro
English - Russian - cerebrum Pronunciation
с. головной мозг, большой мозг
English - Turkish - cerebrum Pronunciation
i. beyin
English - Dutch - cerebrum Pronunciation
zn. grote hersenen
English - Greek - cerebrum Pronunciation
ουσ. εγκέφαλος
Dutch - French - cerebrum Pronunciation
(anatomie) cerveau (m)
English - Chinese - cerebrum Pronunciation
(名) 大脑
English - Chinese - cerebrum Pronunciation
(名) 大腦
English - Japanese - cerebrum Pronunciation
(名) 大脳
English - Korean - cerebrum Pronunciation
명. 뇌
noun: anterior portion of the brain consisting of two hemispheres; dominant part of the brain in humans

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