Definition of ceremonial Pronunciation
1. Of, relating to, or used in a ceremony; ritual or formal.
2. Observant of forms; ceremonious.
3. A ceremony, or series of ceremonies, prescribed by ritual.
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English - English - ceremonial Pronunciation
n. ceremony, custom, ritual
adj. ritual, formal, stately, official
n. ceremonial, ceremony
English - Spanish - ceremonial Pronunciation
s. ceremonial, etiqueta; acto de conmemoración
adj. ceremonial
Spanish - English - ceremonial Pronunciation
adj. ceremonial, ritualistic
English - French - ceremonial Pronunciation
n. cérémonial; usage
adj. officiel, cérémonieux, protocolaire
English - German - ceremonial Pronunciation
n. Zeremoniell
adj. feierlich, zeremoniell
English - Italian - ceremonial Pronunciation
s. cerimoniale; rituale; etichetta
agg. formale, solenne, rituale; da cerimonia, cerimoniale
English - Portuguese - ceremonial Pronunciation
s. cerimonial
adj. cerimonial, oficial
English - Russian - ceremonial Pronunciation
с. церемониал, распорядок, обряд
прил. формальный, официальный, церемониальный, торжественный, обрядовый
English - Turkish - ceremonial Pronunciation
i. tören, seremoni, merasim, ayin
s. törensel, merasimli, resmi, dini törenle ilgili
English - Dutch - ceremonial Pronunciation
zn. plechtigheid, ritueel
bn. ceremonieel, plechtig, vormelijk
English - Greek - ceremonial Pronunciation
ουσ. τελετή
επίθ. τελετουργικός, επίσημος, τυπικός, εθιμοτυπικός
Spanish - French - ceremonial Pronunciation
1. (ceremonia) cérémoniel
2. (comportamiento) cérémonieux; solennel
Spanish - German - ceremonial Pronunciation
n. etikette, zeremoniell
English - Chinese - ceremonial Pronunciation
(名) 仪式
(形) 正式的
English - Chinese - ceremonial Pronunciation
(名) 儀式
(形) 正式的
English - Japanese - ceremonial Pronunciation
(形) 儀式の; 公式の
(名) 儀式; 式次第
English - Korean - ceremonial Pronunciation
명. 의식, 예배
형. 의식의, 제사의, 공식적인

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Synonyms for ceremonial
1. rite: ceremony, ritual, liturgy
2. ritual: formal, stately, solemn, ceremonious, triumphal, conventional