Definition of certainty Pronunciation
1. The state of being certain.
2. An instance of being certain.
3. A fact or truth unquestionably established.
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English - English - certainty Pronunciation
n. sureness, definiteness
English - Spanish - certainty Pronunciation
s. certeza, certeza manifiesta, certidumbre, certitud, evidencia, seguridad
English - French - certainty Pronunciation
n. certitude
English - German - certainty Pronunciation
n. Gewißheit
English - Italian - certainty Pronunciation
s. certezza, sicurezza; cosa certa
English - Portuguese - certainty Pronunciation
s. certeza
English - Russian - certainty Pronunciation
с. несомненный факт, уверенность
English - Turkish - certainty Pronunciation
i. kesinlik, katiyet, kesin olan şey
English - Dutch - certainty Pronunciation
zn. zekerheid
English - Greek - certainty Pronunciation
ουσ. βεβαιότητα, σιγουριά
English - Chinese - certainty Pronunciation
(名) 确定; 确实的事情
English - Chinese - certainty Pronunciation
(名) 確定; 確實的事情
English - Japanese - certainty Pronunciation
(名) 確実性; 確信
English - Korean - certainty Pronunciation
명. 확실성

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Synonyms for certainty
1. sureness: trust, assurance, certitude, confidence, faith, conviction
2. truth: reality, fact, actuality, validity, verity