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English English - Definition of certify 
v. confirm to be true; authorize; declare insane
Spanish English To Spanish - certify 
v. certificar, atestar, avalar, dar por cierto, testificar, verificar; adverar, notarizar; declarar como demente
French English To French - certify 
v. certifier, déclarer, attester; déclarer comme étant aliéné, fou
German English To German - certify 
v. bestätigen, bescheinigen, feststellen
Italian English To Italian - certify 
v. attestare, certificare; legalizzare, autenticare; (Med) dichiarare pazzo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - certify 
v. autorizar; certificar; conferir atestado de insanidade
Russian English To Russian - certify 
г. удостоверять, заверять, выдавать удостоверение; уверять, ручаться; выдавать удостоверение о заболевании; утверждать
Turkish English To Turkish - certify 
f. onaylamak, tasdik etmek, tasdiklemek, doğrulamak, garantilemek, belge vermek, kabul etmek (çek), havale etmek, deli raporu vermek, kanıtlamak
Albanian English To Albanian - certify 
v. vërtetoj, garantoj [fin.], siguri: jap siguri, siguroj, mbyll në çmendinë [drejt.]
Dutch English To Dutch - certify 
ww. toestaan; toelaten; verlenen van een akad. of andere graad; iemand als niet klaar van zinnen verklaren
Greek English To Greek - certify 
ρήμ. πιστοποιώ, βεβαιώνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - certify 
(动) 证明, 证实; 保证; 担保; 证明; 保证
ChineseT English To ChineseT - certify 
(動) 證明, 證實; 保證; 擔保; 證明; 保證
Japanese English To Japanese - certify 
(動) 証明する; 承認する; 保証する
Korean English To Korean - certify 
동. 사실임을 증명하다, 인증하다; 정신이상을 인정하다
verb: guarantee payment on; of checks
verb: guarantee as meeting a certain standard
verb: declare legally insane
verb: provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes
verb: authorize officially


 Synonyms for certify
1. verify: confirm, corroborate, ratify, authenticate, endorse, accredit
2. vouch: attest, swear, state, assure, witness, reassure
Tenses for certify
Present participle: certifying
Present: certify (3.person: certifies)
Past: certified
Future: will certify
Present conditional: would certify
Present Perfect: have certified (3.person: has certified)
Past Perfect: had certified
Future Perfect: will have certified
Past conditional: would have certified

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