Definition of certitude Pronunciation
1. Sureness, certainty.
I have absolute certitude about that.
2. Something that is a certainty.
Taxes are obviously certitudes.
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English - English - certitude Pronunciation
n. certainty, sureness, confidence
n. certainty, certitude, sureness
English - Spanish - certitude Pronunciation
s. certeza, certidumbre, certitud, seguridad
English - French - certitude Pronunciation
n. certitude
English - German - certitude Pronunciation
n. Gewißheit, Sicherheit
English - Indonesian - certitude Pronunciation
n. kepastian, ketentuan, perasaan pasti
English - Italian - certitude Pronunciation
s. certezza, sicurezza
English - Polish - certitude Pronunciation
n. pewność, przeświadczenie
English - Portuguese - certitude Pronunciation
s. certeza
English - Romanian - certitude Pronunciation
n. certitudine, convingere
English - Russian - certitude Pronunciation
с. уверенность, несомненность
English - Turkish - certitude Pronunciation
i. kesinlik, katiyet
English - Ukrainian - certitude Pronunciation
n. певність, неминучість, упевненість
French - English - certitude Pronunciation
(f) n. certainty, certitude, sureness
English - Dutch - certitude Pronunciation
zn. zekerheid, vaste overtuiging
English - Greek - certitude Pronunciation
ουσ. βεβαιότητα
French - Spanish - certitude Pronunciation
(général) certeza (f); certidumbre (f)
French - German - certitude Pronunciation
n. gewissheit, sicherheit
French - Italian - certitude Pronunciation
(général) certezza (f); sicurezza (f)
French - Portuguese - certitude Pronunciation
(général) certeza (f)
French - Russian - certitude Pronunciation
n. уверенность (f), несомненность (f), достоверность (f)
French - Turkish - certitude Pronunciation
[la] doğruluk, gerçeklik, kesinlik
French - Dutch - certitude Pronunciation
(général) zekerheid (f)
English - Arabic - certitude Pronunciation
‏يقين، ثقة‏
English - Chinese - certitude Pronunciation
(名) 确实; 确信
English - Chinese - certitude Pronunciation
(名) 確實; 確信
English - Hindi - certitude Pronunciation
n. यक़ीन, विश्वास
English - Japanese - certitude Pronunciation
(名) 確信; 確実性
English - Korean - certitude Pronunciation
명. 확신
English - Vietnamese - certitude Pronunciation
n. tính cách xác thực, sự tin chắc

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Synonyms for certitude
confidence: certainty, faith, conviction, self-assurance, firmness, trust, assurance