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English French To English - charité 
n. charity, handout, love, allodium, alodium, mercifulness
English German To English - charité 
n. charity, handout; love, mercifulness
Dutch French To Dutch - charité 
(bienfaisance) liefdadigheid (f); weldadigheid (f)
German French To German - charité 
n. wohltätigkeit, barmherzigkeit
Italian French To Italian - charité 
(bienfaisance) carità {invariable}; beneficenza (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - charité 
(bienfaisance) caridade (f); beneficência (f)
Russian French To Russian - charité 
n. милосердие (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - charité 
(bienfaisance) beneficencia (f); caridad (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - charité 
[la] iyilikseverlik; iyilik, merhamet; sadaka
Turkish German To Turkish - charité 
iyilikseverlik, iyilik, merhamet, sadaka


 Synonyms for charité
1. humanité: philanthropie, altruisme, bonté, complaisance, générosité, sensibilité, bienfaisance, bienfait, commisération, compassion, mansuétude, miséricorde
2. aumône: don, secours

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