Definition of charlock Pronunciation
1. Any of several yellow-flowered cruciferous weeds of grain fields, especially wild mustard.
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English - English - charlock Pronunciation
n. wild mustard, weedy plant of the mustard family which is troublesome as a weed in grain fields (Botany)
n. charlock
English - Spanish - charlock Pronunciation
rabanillo, rabaniza, rábano silvestre
English - French - charlock Pronunciation
n. charlock, moutarde des champs
English - German - charlock Pronunciation
Ackersenf, Ackersenf (Sinapis arvensis), Acker-Senf
English - Italian - charlock Pronunciation
s. senape dei campi (bot.)
English - Polish - charlock Pronunciation
n. gorczyca
English - Portuguese - charlock Pronunciation
s. mostarda-dos-campos
English - Russian - charlock Pronunciation
с. дикая горчица [бот.]
English - Turkish - charlock Pronunciation
i. yabani hardal
English - Ukrainian - charlock Pronunciation
n. гірчиця: дика гірчиця
French - English - charlock Pronunciation
(m) n. charlock
English - Dutch - charlock Pronunciation
zn. wilde mosterd, onkruid van de mosterdfamilie die storend is in de graanvelden (Botanie)
English - Arabic - charlock Pronunciation
‏خردل بري‏
English - Hindi - charlock Pronunciation
n. चालोक, जंगली सरसों
English - Korean - charlock Pronunciation
명. 겨자과의 잡초
English - Vietnamese - charlock Pronunciation
n. giống cải hoang

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