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English English - Definition of chequered 
adj. decorated with a pattern of squares
Spanish English To Spanish - chequered 
adj. cuadriculado
French English To French - chequered 
adj. à damiers, à carreaux
German English To German - chequered 
adj. gescheckt, mit einem Quadratmuster verziert
Italian English To Italian - chequered 
[chequer] v. variare, diversificare, variegare; decorare con un disegno a scacchi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - chequered 
adj. quadriculado
Russian English To Russian - chequered 
прил. клетчатый, пестрый, разнообразный, изменчивый
Turkish English To Turkish - chequered 
s. kareli, ekoseli, damalı, inişli çıkışlı, karışık
Albanian English To Albanian - chequered 
adj. katror, ndërlikuar: i ndërlikuar
Dutch English To Dutch - chequered 
[chequer] ww. schakeren met kleur, variëren van kleur; als een damspel merken
Greek English To Greek - chequered 
επίθ. πιτσιλωτός, πολυτάραχος, περιπετειώδης
ChineseS English To ChineseS - chequered 
adj. ①方格的。菱形的。方格纹的。格子图案的。②毫无意义的。傻里傻气的。
ChineseT English To ChineseT - chequered 
adj. 眼花的 (yan3 hua1 de5), 會變 (huı4 bıan4)
Japanese English To Japanese - chequered 
(形) チェックの, 四角形の模様で飾られた
Korean English To Korean - chequered 
형. 바둑판 무늬로 된
adjective: patterned with alternating squares of color


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