Definition of chill out Pronunciation
1. Become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation.
After the fight both men need to cool off..
It took a while after the baby was born for things to settle down again..
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English - English - chill out Pronunciation
v. relax, remain calm, refrain from getting overly excited
English - Spanish - chill out Pronunciation
v. relajarse, enfriar fuera
English - French - chill out Pronunciation
interj. calmer: on se calme!
English - German - chill out Pronunciation
v. Sich entspannen, sich beruhigen
English - Italian - chill out Pronunciation
Rilassarsi, riprendere il controllo
English - Portuguese - chill out Pronunciation
v. relaxar, permanecer calmo
English - Russian - chill out Pronunciation
г. успокаиваться, остывать
English - Turkish - chill out Pronunciation
f. moralinizi bozmayın
English - Dutch - chill out Pronunciation
tw. druk : maak je niet druk!
English - Greek - chill out Pronunciation
ρήμ. χαλαρώστε
German - Chinese - chill out Pronunciation
一种音乐统称。在舞池旁边,常会有一个区域,或是小房间,里头会放一些较缓和,较平静的音乐,让舞客跳完舞后缓和情绪,休息一下,以放Ambient音乐为主,所以会叫“Chill Out”(冷却)就是这个缘故。The Orb可说是Chill Out音乐大师。

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