English - Definiton of cinema Pronunciation
n. movie; movie theater (especially British)
n. movie; movie theater, cinema
n. movie theater, movies, (British) cinema; movie industry
English - Spanish - cinema Pronunciation
s. cine, cinema, cinematógrafo
Spanish - English - cinema Pronunciation
[cinema (m)] n. cinema
English - French - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinéma
English - German - cinema Pronunciation
n. Kino
English - Italian - cinema Pronunciation
s. cinema, cinematografo; cinematografia
English - Portuguese - cinema Pronunciation
s. cinema, sala de projeções
English - Russian - cinema Pronunciation
с. кино, кинофильм, кинематография, кинематограф, кинотеатр
English - Turkish - cinema Pronunciation
i. sinema
Italian - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. movie theater, movies, (British) cinema; movie industry
Portuguese - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinema, movies, cine, moving pictures, movie theater, picture show, playhouse, close-up
Dutch - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinema
English - Albanian - cinema Pronunciation
n. kinema, film, kinematografi
English - Dutch - cinema Pronunciation
zn. bioskoop; cinema
English - Greek - cinema Pronunciation
ουσ. κινηματογράφος, σινεμά
Italian - French - cinema Pronunciation
(generale) cinéma (m)
Italian - German - cinema Pronunciation
n. film, filmwesen, kino, lichtspielhaus
Portuguese - French - cinema Pronunciation
(geral) cinéma (m)
Dutch - French - cinema Pronunciation
(algemeen) cinéma (m)
English - Chinese - cinema Pronunciation
(名) 电影院; 电影
English - Chinese - cinema Pronunciation
(名) 電影院; 電影
English - Japanese - cinema Pronunciation
(名) 映画館; 映画
English - Korean - cinema Pronunciation
명. 영화; 영화관
noun: a theater where films are shown
noun: a medium that disseminates moving pictures Example:This story would be good cinema.

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Synonyms for cinema
1. movie house: auditorium, playhouse, film society
2. movies: the movies, film