Definition of cinema Pronunciation
1. A film.
2. A movie theatre, a movie house
The cinema is right across the street from the restaurant.
3. Film or movies as a group.
Despite the critics, he produced excellent cinema.
4. The film and movie industry.
In the long history of Spanish cinema....
5. The art of making films and movies.
Throughout the history of cinema, filmmakers....
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English - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. movie; movie theater (especially British)
n. movie; movie theater, cinema
n. movie theater, movies, (British) cinema; movie industry
English - Spanish - cinema Pronunciation
s. cine, cinema, cinematógrafo
Spanish - English - cinema Pronunciation
[cinema (m)] n. cinema
English - French - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinéma
English - German - cinema Pronunciation
n. Kino
English - Indonesian - cinema Pronunciation
n. bioskop, perusahaan pembuat film, gedung bioskop
English - Italian - cinema Pronunciation
s. cinema, cinematografo; cinematografia
English - Polish - cinema Pronunciation
n. kino, film
English - Portuguese - cinema Pronunciation
s. cinema, sala de projeções
English - Romanian - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinema, cinematograf, ecran
English - Russian - cinema Pronunciation
с. кино, кинофильм, кинематография, кинематограф, кинотеатр
English - Turkish - cinema Pronunciation
i. sinema
English - Ukrainian - cinema Pronunciation
n. кінематографія, кіно, кінематограф, кінотеатр, сінематограф, кінофестиваль
Italian - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. movie theater, movies, (British) cinema; movie industry
Portuguese - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinema, movies, cine, moving pictures, movie theater, picture show, playhouse, close-up
Romanian - English - cinema
n. cinema, kinema, picture, picture show, film, picturedom, movies, picture house, picture theater, palace: picture palace
n. pix
Dutch - English - cinema Pronunciation
n. cinema
English - Dutch - cinema Pronunciation
zn. bioskoop; cinema
English - Greek - cinema Pronunciation
ουσ. κινηματογράφος, σινεμά
Italian - French - cinema Pronunciation
(generale) cinéma (m)
Italian - German - cinema Pronunciation
n. film, filmwesen, kino, lichtspielhaus
Portuguese - French - cinema Pronunciation
(geral) cinéma (m)
Dutch - French - cinema Pronunciation
(algemeen) cinéma (m)
English - Arabic - cinema Pronunciation
‏سينما، صالة، فيلم سينمائي، صناعة السينما، السينما‏
English - Chinese - cinema Pronunciation
(名) 电影院; 电影
English - Chinese - cinema Pronunciation
(名) 電影院; 電影
English - Hindi - cinema Pronunciation
n. सिनेमा, सिनेमा-घर, फ़िल्मकला, सिनेकला, चलचित्र, चलचित्र दिखाने का यंत्र
English - Japanese - cinema Pronunciation
(名) 映画館; 映画
English - Korean - cinema Pronunciation
명. 영화; 영화관
English - Vietnamese - cinema Pronunciation
n. chóp bóng, chiếu bóng, ci nê, rạp chiếu bóng

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Synonyms for cinema
1. movie house: auditorium, playhouse, film society
2. movies: the movies, film