Definition of cinerary Pronunciation
1. Containing or used for ashes of the cremated dead.
A cinerary urn.
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English - Spanish - cinerary Pronunciation
adj. cinerario
English - French - cinerary Pronunciation
n. cinéraire
English - Italian - cinerary Pronunciation
agg. cinerario, contenente le ceneri del defunto
English - Portuguese - cinerary Pronunciation
adj. cinerário
English - Russian - cinerary Pronunciation
прил. пепельный
English - Turkish - cinerary Pronunciation
s. kül ile ilgili
English - Dutch - cinerary Pronunciation
bn. asgrauw
English - Chinese - cinerary Pronunciation
(形) 灰的, 放灰的
English - Chinese - cinerary Pronunciation
(形) 灰的, 放灰的
English - Korean - cinerary Pronunciation
형. 재의, 납골의, 납골용의

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