Definition of circumlocutory Pronunciation
1. Characterised by circumlocution; periphrastic; verbose.
The officials set to work in regular circumlocutory order. -Chambers's Journal.
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English - English - circumlocutory Pronunciation
adj. overly wordy, indirect, roundabout (pertaining to speech)
English - Spanish - circumlocutory Pronunciation
adj. circunlocutorio
English - French - circumlocutory Pronunciation
adj. circumlocutaire, de discours indirect
English - German - circumlocutory Pronunciation
adj. weitschweifig
English - Italian - circumlocutory Pronunciation
agg. circonlocutorio
English - Portuguese - circumlocutory Pronunciation
adj. circunlocutório, referente a discurso indireto
English - Russian - circumlocutory Pronunciation
прил. многословный, описательный, перифрастический
English - Turkish - circumlocutory Pronunciation
s. dolambaçlı söz türünden
English - Dutch - circumlocutory Pronunciation
bn. van indirecte spraak
English - Greek - circumlocutory Pronunciation
Επίθ. περιφραστικός, με παραπάνω λόγια απ' όσα χρειάζονται
English - Chinese - circumlocutory Pronunciation
(形) 婉转的; 迂回的
English - Chinese - circumlocutory Pronunciation
(形) 婉轉的; 迂迴的
English - Japanese - circumlocutory Pronunciation
(形) まわりくどい, 婉曲な(話し方の)
English - Korean - circumlocutory Pronunciation
형. 빙 둘러 말하는

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