Definition of clamour Pronunciation
1. Utter or proclaim insistently and noisily.
The delegates clamored their disappointment.
2. Make loud demands.
He clamored for justice and tolerance.
3. Loud and persistent outcry from many people.
He ignored the clamor of the crowd.
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English - English - clamour Pronunciation
n. noise, commotion, uproar (alternate spelling for clamor)
n. shout, yell; demand noisily, claim noisily
English - Spanish - clamour Pronunciation
s. Grito, vociferación, ruido, clamoreo (como en clamor)
s. Gritar, vociferar; demandar a voces (como en clamor)
English - French - clamour Pronunciation
n. clameur, cri, vociférations; tollé
n. crier, vociférer; réclamer
English - German - clamour Pronunciation
n. Lärm, Geschrei, Aufruhr (andere Schreibweise für clamor)
n. schreien, brüllen; etwas lautstark verlangen, etwas laut fordern
English - Italian - clamour Pronunciation
s. clamore, schiamazzo, vocio; lagnanze, lamentele, proteste (come in clamor)
s. rumoreggiare, schiamazzare, vociare, protestare, far rimostranze (come in clamor)
English - Portuguese - clamour Pronunciation
s. clamor, gritaria, barulho; protesto público, manifestação
s. clamar, vociferar, gritar; influenciar por meio de clamor
English - Russian - clamour Pronunciation
с. шум, крики, шумные протесты, возмущение, ропот
с. кричать, шумно требовать, галдеть
English - Turkish - clamour Pronunciation
i. gürültü, karışıklık, patırtı, yaygara, feryat, haykırma
i. gürültü etmek, yaygara koparmak
English - Dutch - clamour Pronunciation
zn. herrie, lawaai, geraas; protest; aanklacht
zn. schreeuwen, tieren; protesteren, zijn stem verheffen
English - Greek - clamour Pronunciation
ουσ. κραυγή, οχλοβοή, βοή
ουσ. ουρλιάζω, κραυγάζω, φωνάζω
English - Chinese - clamour Pronunciation
(名) 吵闹, 噪音, 骚动, 喧嚣 (也可以拼作 clamor)
(名) 叫声, 喊叫; 吵嚷地要求, 喧嚷地表明
English - Chinese - clamour Pronunciation
n. 叫囂 (jıao4 xıao1), 噪 (zao4), 諠 (xuan1), 喧 (xuan1), 嘩 (hua1), 囂 (xıao1)
v. 叫嚷 (jıao4 rang3), 喊叫 (han3 jıao4), 咚 (dong1)
English - Japanese - clamour Pronunciation
(名) 叫ぶ, 叫び声をあげる; うるさく要求する, うるさく請求する
(名) 騒音, 騒動, 騒ぎ(clamorとも綴る)
English - Korean - clamour Pronunciation
명. 떨들썩함, 부르짖음
명. 외치다, 시끄럽게 요구하다

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Synonyms for clamour
1. agitation: bedlam, lament, furor, outcry, commotion, shouting, remonstrance
2. noise: uproar, racket, din, hubbub, hullabaloo, tumult, hue and cry
3. vociferate: roar, yell, cry out, bellow, howl, shout, scream
4. demand noisily: demand, complain, brawl, remonstrate, protest, importune