Definitions and translations for "clap"

Definition of clap

1. The act of striking the palms of the hands, or any two surfaces, together.
He summoned the waiter with a clap.
2. The explosive sound of thunder.
3. Any loud, sudden, explosive sound made by striking hard surfaces together, or resembling such a sound.
Off in the distance, he heard the clap of thunder.
4. A slap with the hand, usually in a jovial manner.
His father's affection never went further than a handshake or a clap on the shoulder.
5. A single, sudden act or motion; a stroke; a blow.
6. The nether part of the beak of a hawk.
7. A dropping of cow dung (presumably from the sound made as it hits the ground)
8. To strike the palms of the hands together, creating a sharp sound.
The children began to clap in time with the music.
9. To applaud.
The audience loudly clapped the actress, who responded with a deep curtsey.
It isn’t the singers they are clapping; it's the composer.
10. To slap with the hand in a jovial manner.
He would often clap his teammates on the back for encouragement.
11. To bring two surfaces together forcefully, creating a sharp sound.
He clapped the empty glass down on the table.
She clapped the book shut.
He clapped across the floor in his boots.
12. To come together suddenly with noise.
13. To create or assemble (something) hastily (usually followed by up or together).
We should clap together a shelter before nightfall.
The rival factions clapped up a truce.
14. To set or put, usually in haste.
The sheriff clapped him in jail.
She was the prettiest thing I'd ever clapped eyes on.
15. To shoot (somebody) with a gun.
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English - English - clap

n. sudden loud noise, bang; applause; act of applauding; gonorrhea (Slang)
v. clap hands, applaud; make a loud noise; send quickly, do quickly

English - Spanish - clap

s. ruido seco, chasquido, restallido; aplauso
v. batir palmas, aplaudir, dar palmadas, palmotear; golpear ruidosamente

English - French - clap

n. tape, battement (de mains); bruit d'explosion
v. battre des mains, applaudir; frapper; déployer

English - German - clap

n. lauter Schlag; Klatschen
v. klatschen; klopfen; schnell werfen

English - Indonesian - clap

n. tepuk, bunyi petir, sambaran petir, bunyi geledek, bunyi halilintar
v. bertepuk tangan, mengepakkan, menepuk, menjebloskan, memasukkan dgn cepat

English - Italian - clap

s. battimano, applauso; colpo secco; manata; (Slang) gonorrea
v. battere; sbattere; buttare, gettare

English - Polish - clap

n. klaśnięcie, plaśnięcie, klaskanie, klask, plask, huk, tryper
v. klepać, klaskać, oklaskiwać, poklaskiwać, plasnąć, pakować, wpakować, klepnąć, plaskać, wpakowywać

English - Portuguese - clap

s. ruído característico de explosão; palmas, aplauso; gonorréia (gíria)
v. aplaudir; dar tapas; lançar com rapidez

English - Romanian - clap

n. pocnet, tunet, lovitură, aplaudare, aplauze
v. pocni din, aplauda, bate, bate cu palmă, lovi, lovi uşor, aplica repede, arunca în închisoare, isprăvi repede, îndesa, pune repede, tăia

English - Russian - clap

с. хлопанье, хлопок; удар грома, шлепок; язык; гонорея; удар
г. хлопать в ладоши, аплодировать, рукоплескать; похлопать; налагать; упрятать, упечь; заразить триппером

English - Turkish - clap

f. alkışlamak, el çırpmak, çarpmak, çırpmak; vurmak, hafifçe vurmak; dokunmak; yerine koymak; oturtmak
i. el çırpma, alkış, alkış sesi; hafifçe vurma; patlama sesi, gümbürtü, gürleme; belsoğukluğu

English - Ukrainian - clap

n. хлопання, ляскання, удар, несподіванка
v. ляскати, плескати, аплодувати, поплескати, поляпати, грюкати, вилускати, клекотати, лопати

English - Dutch - clap

zn. ontploffings geluid; handen geklap
ww. handen klappen; kloppen; snel wegwerpen

English - Greek - clap

ουσ. δυνατός ήχος, χειροκρότημα
ρήμ. πλαταγώ, χτυπώ, χώνω, χειροκροτώ

English - Arabic - clap

‏صفعة، تربيتة، قصف الرعد، تصفيق، السيلا ن، التعقيبة‏
‏صفع، ربت، صفق، سجن، وضع، تسجين، إرتدى بعجلة، توقف فجأة‏

English - Chinese - clap

(名) 拍手喝彩; 破裂声; 霹雳声; 拍击声#淋病
(动) 拍手, 鼓掌; 砰然出声, 啪地关上; 拍, 鼓; 轻拍, 击; 为...鼓掌; 振

English - Chinese - clap

(名) 拍手喝彩; 破裂聲; 霹靂聲; 拍擊聲#淋病
(動) 拍手, 鼓掌; 砰然出聲, 啪地關上; 拍, 鼓; 輕拍, 擊; 為...鼓掌; 振

English - Hindi - clap

n. ताली, थपड़ी, करताली, कड़क, करतलध्वनि
v. थपथपाना

English - Japanese - clap

(動) たたく; 手をたたく; 打つ; さっと動かす
(名) パチパチという音; バリバリという音; ポンとたたくこと; 拍手; 淋病(俗語)

English - Korean - clap

명. 박수; 칭찬; 갑작스런 굉음; 성병(속어)
동. 박수를 치다, 찬사를 보내다; 시끄러운 소리를 내다; 신속하게 보내다, 재빨리 행하다

English - Vietnamese - clap

n. tiếng vổ tay, tiếng sét đánh, vổ tay, vổ
v. đập, vổ cánh, sự đập, sự vổ tay, bịnh lậu
a. sự vổ, cái vổ, cái nẻ, cái đánh nhẹ
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Synonyms for clap
1. applaud: cheer, acclaim, praise, approve, applause
2. blow: impact, cuff, slap, swat, hit, smack, jab
3. hit: strike, clobber, slap, swat, smack, bang, slam
Verb forms for clap
Present participle: clapping
Present: clap (3.person: claps)
Past: clapped
Future: will clap
Present conditional: would clap
Present Perfect: have clapped (3.person: has clapped)
Past Perfect: had clapped
Future Perfect: will have clapped
Past conditional: would have clapped