Definition of clench Pronunciation
1. Tight grip.
2. A seal that is applied to formed thin-wall bushings.
3. A local chapter of the Church of the SubGenius parody religion.
4. To squeeze; to grip or hold tightly.
He clenched his fist in anger.
5. To move two parts of something against each other
Bruxism is clenching the jaws.
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English - English - clench Pronunciation
v. clasp together; hold tightly
English - Spanish - clench Pronunciation
v. asir fuertemente, agarrar con fuerza; cerrar con estreches el puño o los dientes
English - French - clench Pronunciation
v. river (un clou); serrer; se crisper
English - German - clench Pronunciation
v. an sich ziehen, einwickeln
English - Italian - clench Pronunciation
v. stringere, serrare; afferrare strettamente; (Mar) legare
English - Portuguese - clench Pronunciation
v. apertar, ajustar, trincar
English - Russian - clench Pronunciation
г. сжимать (кулаки), сжать, стискивать; окончательно решать, договариваться, утверждать; заклепывать; войти в клинч; прибивать гвоздем
English - Turkish - clench Pronunciation
f. sıkmak, sıkıca yakalamak, perçinlemek, kenetlemek, yapışmak, tutmak; kavramak
English - Albanian - clench Pronunciation
v. mbledh, shtrëngoj, mbërthej, ndrydh, shtyp, rras, ngjesh
English - Dutch - clench Pronunciation
ww. aantrekken; vastklampen
English - Greek - clench Pronunciation
ρήμ. σφίγγω
ουσ. σφίξιμο
English - Chinese - clench Pronunciation
(动) 紧握, 确定, 牢牢地抓住
English - Chinese - clench Pronunciation
(動) 緊握, 確定, 牢牢地抓住
English - Japanese - clench Pronunciation
(動) 堅く締める; しっかり掴む
English - Korean - clench Pronunciation
동. 단단하게 죄다; 꼭 붙잡다

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Synonyms for clench
get ahold of: grasp, grip, clutch, seize, grab, squeeze, clasp
Verb forms for clench
Present participle: clenching
Present: clench (3.person: clenches)
Past: clenched
Future: will clench
Present conditional: would clench
Present Perfect: have clenched (3.person: has clenched)
Past Perfect: had clenched
Future Perfect: will have clenched
Past conditional: would have clenched