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English English - Definition of climacteric 
n. critical point; period of great change; decrease in reproductive capacity, menopause
Spanish English To Spanish - climacteric 
s. climaterio
French English To French - climacteric 
n. climatérique
German English To German - climacteric 
n. klimakterisch, Wendepunkt
Italian English To Italian - climacteric 
s. (Fisiol) climaterio, età critica; (fig) periodo critico
Portuguese English To Portuguese - climacteric 
s. climatério, época da vida considerada crítica em termos de transformações físicas e psíquicas
Russian English To Russian - climacteric 
с. климактерий, климакс, климактерический период, критический период, критический возраст
Turkish English To Turkish - climacteric 
i. yaş dönümü; menapoz, kritik dönem, dönüm noktası
s. kritik, bunalımlı, hassas, menapozla ilgili, yaş dönümüyle ilgili
Albanian English To Albanian - climacteric 
n. çast kritik, moment kthese
adj. kritik, kulmor, kthesë: kthese
Dutch English To Dutch - climacteric 
zn. overgang(sleeftijd)
Greek English To Greek - climacteric 
ουσ. κρίσιμη περίοδος
επίθ. κλιμακτηρικός, κλιμακτήριος, κρίσιμος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - climacteric 
(名) 转变期; 绝经期; 更年期
ChineseT English To ChineseT - climacteric 
(名) 轉變期; 絕經期; 更年期
Japanese English To Japanese - climacteric 
(名) 厄年; クリマクテリック; 更年期; 転換期
Korean English To Korean - climacteric 
명. 액년, 위험기, 갱년기
noun: a period in a man's life corresponding to menopause
noun: the time in a woman's life in which the menstrual cycle ends


 Synonyms for climacteric
important: grave, acute, critical, great, crucial, deciding, determining

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