Definition of climacteric Pronunciation
1. Pertaining to any of several supposedly critical years of a person's life.
2. Critical or crucial; decisive.
3. Relating to a period of physiological change during middle age; especially, menopausal.
4. Climactic.
5. A critical stage or decisive point; a turning point.
6. A period in human life in which some great change is supposed to take place, calculated in different ways by different authorities (often identified as every seventh or ninth year).
7. The period of life that leads up to and follows the end of menstruation in women; the menopause.
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English - English - climacteric Pronunciation
n. critical point; period of great change; decrease in reproductive capacity, menopause
English - Spanish - climacteric Pronunciation
s. climaterio
English - French - climacteric Pronunciation
n. climatérique
English - German - climacteric Pronunciation
n. klimakterisch, Wendepunkt
English - Indonesian - climacteric Pronunciation
n. masa bersejarah, masa penting
a. berbahaya, bersejarah, penting
English - Italian - climacteric Pronunciation
s. (Fisiol) climaterio, età critica; (fig) periodo critico
English - Polish - climacteric Pronunciation
n. klimakterium
a. klimakteryczny
English - Portuguese - climacteric Pronunciation
s. climatério, época da vida considerada crítica em termos de transformações físicas e psíquicas
English - Romanian - climacteric Pronunciation
n. climacteriu {med.}, vârstă critică, perioadă critică, criză
a. criză: de criză, critic, vârstă: de vârstă critică
English - Russian - climacteric Pronunciation
с. климактерий, климакс, климактерический период, критический период, критический возраст
English - Turkish - climacteric Pronunciation
i. yaş dönümü; menapoz, kritik dönem, dönüm noktası
s. kritik, bunalımlı, hassas, menapozla ilgili, yaş dönümüyle ilgili
English - Ukrainian - climacteric Pronunciation
n. клімактерій, клімактеричний період, критичний період, подія великого значення, що відбулася в критичний період
a. клімактеричний, критичний, поворотний, небезпечний
English - Dutch - climacteric Pronunciation
zn. overgang(sleeftijd)
English - Greek - climacteric Pronunciation
ουσ. κρίσιμη περίοδος
επίθ. κλιμακτηρικός, κλιμακτήριος, κρίσιμος
English - Arabic - climacteric Pronunciation
‏سن اليأس‏
English - Chinese - climacteric Pronunciation
(名) 转变期; 绝经期; 更年期
English - Chinese - climacteric Pronunciation
(名) 轉變期; 絕經期; 更年期
English - Hindi - climacteric Pronunciation
n. क्लैमाकटरिक
a. क्लैमाकटरिक
English - Japanese - climacteric Pronunciation
(名) 厄年; クリマクテリック; 更年期; 転換期
English - Korean - climacteric Pronunciation
명. 액년, 위험기, 갱년기
English - Vietnamese - climacteric Pronunciation
n. thời kỳ bế kinh
a. xung hạng

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Synonyms for climacteric
important: grave, acute, critical, great, crucial, deciding, determining