Definition of coil Pronunciation
1. Something wound in the form of a helix or spiral.
The sinuous coils of a snake
2. Any intra-uterine contraceptive device (Abbreviation: IUD)—the first IUDs were coil-shaped.
3. A coil of electrically conductive wire through which electricity can flow.
4. Entanglement; perplexity.
5. To wind or reel e.g. a wire or rope into regular rings, often around a centerpiece.
A simple transformer can be made by coiling two pieces of insulated copper wire around an iron heart.
6. To wind into loops (roughly) around a common center.
The sailor coiled the free end of the hawser on the pier.
7. To wind cylindrically or spirally.
To coil a rope when not in use
The snake coiled itself before springing.
8. To encircle and hold with, or as if with, coils.
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English - English - coil Pronunciation
n. cylinder, roll; ring, link; wrapping, winding
v. bind, wrap; twist, wind
English - Spanish - coil Pronunciation
s. rollo, adujada, bobina, carrete; resorte; espiral
v. arrollar; alambrar; enrollarse
English - French - coil Pronunciation
n. rouleau; bague; bobine; spire
v. enrouler, serpenter
English - German - coil Pronunciation
n. Spule; Ring
v. winden; sich winden
English - Italian - coil Pronunciation
s. rotolo; giro; spira; crocchia; (Mecc) serpentina; (El) bobina; matassa; (Filat) rotolo di francobolli
v. avvolgere in un rotolo, avvolgere a spirale; (Mar) addugliare, abbisciare
English - Portuguese - coil Pronunciation
s. bobina; rolo, espiral; caracol, cacho, anel
v. bobinar; enrolar
English - Russian - coil Pronunciation
с. виток, кольцо; веревка; бухта провода, катушка [эл.]; змеевик; проволочная спираль; шум, суматоха, суета
г. свертываться кольцом, свертывать спиралью; укладывать в бухту; наматывать, обматывать, свертываться; извиваться, извивать
English - Turkish - coil Pronunciation
f. sarmak, dolamak, kangal yapmak, bukle yapmak, sarılmak, dolanmak
i. kangal, halka; yay, bobin, bukle, tomar, yumak, kargaşa, gürültü, patırtı
English - Dutch - coil Pronunciation
zn. rol; ring; het opwinden
ww. rollen; opwinden
English - Greek - coil Pronunciation
ουσ. κότσος, κουλούρα, ταραχή, έλιξ, σπείρα
ρήμ. συσπειρώνω, τυλίγω, περιτυλίσσομαι, συσπειρώμαι, περιτυλίσσω
English - Chinese - coil Pronunciation
(名) 卷, 圈; 线圈, 绕组; 匝#子宫节育环
(动) 卷, 盘绕; 把...卷成圈; 成圈状; 盘绕
English - Chinese - coil Pronunciation
(名) 卷, 圈; 線圈, 繞組; 匝#子宮節育環
(動) 卷, 盤繞; 把...卷成圈; 成圈狀; 盤繞
English - Japanese - coil Pronunciation
(動) 巻く; 巻きつく
(名) 巻いたもの; とぐろ; 1巻き; コイル
English - Korean - coil Pronunciation
명. 원통, 원주; 고리; 둘둘 말아올린 것, 감겨진것, 사리
동. 똘똘 감다; 사리를 틀다

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Synonyms for coil
1. curl: spiral, turn, wind, twist, entwine, convolute, loop
2. helix: wind, twist, scroll, corkscrew, convolution, curl, spiral
Verb forms for coil
Present participle: coiling
Present: coil (3.person: coils)
Past: coiled
Future: will coil
Present conditional: would coil
Present Perfect: have coiled (3.person: has coiled)
Past Perfect: had coiled
Future Perfect: will have coiled
Past conditional: would have coiled