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Definition of combine

1. To bring (two or more things or activities) together; to unite.
Combine the milk and the hot water in a large bowl.   I'm combining business and pleasure on this trip.
2. To have two or more things or properties that function together.
Joe combines the intelligence of a rock with the honesty of a politician.
3. To come together; to unite.
Two substances that easily combine
4. In the game of casino, to play a card which will take two or more cards whose aggregate number of pips equals those of the card played.
5. To bind; to hold by a moral tie.
6. A combine harvester
We can't finish harvesting because our combine is stuck in the mud.
7. A combination
1. Especially, a joint enterprise of whatever legal form for a purpose of business or in any way promoting the interests of the participants, sometimes with monopolistic intentions.
The telecom companies were accused of having formed an illegal combine in order to hike up the network charges.
2. An industrial conglomeration in a socialist country, particularly in the former Soviet bloc.
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English - English - combine

n. harvesting machine; combination (especially of political or business interests)
v. unite, join; come together; become one
n. trick, scheme, monkey business (Derogatory Slang)

English - Spanish - combine

s. coalición, cartel, fusionamiento; combinación; coalición de empresas
v. combinar, alear, ligar, mezclar; conjugar, conjuntar, mancomunar; permutar

Spanish - English - combine

[combinar] v. combine; mix, blend; compound

English - French - combine

n. trust, cartel
v. combiner, allier, unir, associer

English - German - combine

n. Mähdrescher
v. vereinen, verknüpfen; vereinigen

English - Indonesian - combine

n. persatuan
v. menggabungkan, menauntukan, mempertauntukan, mengkombinasikan, mempertemukan, menyatukan, bergabung

English - Italian - combine

s. combinazione; associazione, lega, federazione, alleanza
v. combinare, mettere insieme, unire; possedere a un tempo, riunire

English - Polish - combine

n. kartel
v. połączyć, łączyć w sobie, kombinować, połączyć się, porozumieć się

English - Portuguese - combine

s. colheitadeira de grãos; combinação, conluio (especialmente com fins políticos ou comerciais)
v. combinar, unir, justapor; unificar-se

English - Romanian - combine

v. combina, îmbina, reuni, uni, întruni, îngemăna, amesteca, îngâna, încheia, înmănunchea, combina: se combina, uni: se uni
n. combină, cartel, sindicat

English - Russian - combine

с. картель, синдикат, объединение, комбинат, комбайн
г. объединять, смешивать, сочетать; смешиваться, объединяться, комбинировать; соединять; убираться комбайном

English - Turkish - combine

f. birleştirmek, kombine etmek, birleşmek; toplamak, toplanmak; karışmak, kaynaştırmak
i. birlik; uzlaşma; kartel

English - Ukrainian - combine

n. комбайн, об'єднання
v. об'єднувати, змішувати, комбінувати, злучати, компонувати, поєднуватися, сполучати, суміщати

French - English - combine

(f) n. trick, scheme, monkey business (Derogatory Slang)

English - Dutch - combine

zn. maaidorser, combine
ww. kombineren; samenvoegen; samenwerken

English - Greek - combine

ουσ. θεριστική αλωνιστική μηχανή, καρτέλ, κοινοπραξία, συνδυασμός
ρήμ. συνενώνω, συνδυάζω, συνδυάζομαι, ενώνω

French - Spanish - combine

(plans) esquema (f); plan (m)

French - German - combine

n. masche, tour, trick, winkelzug

French - Italian - combine

(plans) piano (m); progetto (m)

French - Portuguese - combine

(plans) esquema (m); plano (m)

French - Turkish - combine

[la] dümen, hile, dolap

Italian - French - combine

(agricoltura) moissonneuse-batteuse (f)

Dutch - French - combine

(landbouw) moissonneuse-batteuse (f)

French - Dutch - combine

(plans) plan (n); opzet (n)

English - Arabic - combine

‏دمج، ضم، جمع، تألف، وحد، حصد بحصادة، إنضم، مزج‏

English - Chinese - combine

(名) 集团; 联合收割打谷机; 企业联合
(动) 使结合; 兼有, 兼备; 使联合; 使化合; 结合; 化合; 联合

English - Chinese - combine

(名) 集團; 聯合收割打穀機; 企業聯合
(動) 使結合; 兼有, 兼備; 使聯合; 使化合; 結合; 化合; 聯合

English - Hindi - combine

n. कंबाइन
v. मिलाना, जोड़ना, मिल जाना, संघटित करना, संघटित होना, मिश्रण करना

English - Japanese - combine

(動) 結合させる; 連合させる; 合同させる; 化合させる; 結合する; 連合する; 合同する; 化合する
(名) コンバイン; 結合体(特に政治や商業)

English - Korean - combine

명. 기업 합동, 콤바인
동. 결합시키다, 연합하다; 화합하다, 조합시키다; 하나가 되다

English - Vietnamese - combine

n. thỏa hiệp tài chánh, thỏa hiệp kỷ ngệ, sinh sản tổ hợp
v. hòa hợp, phối hợp, liên minh, liên kết, lập thành nghiệp đoàn, hóa hợp, hợp nhất
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Synonyms for combine
1. associate: couple, connect, link, affiliate, incorporate, form, involve
2. combination: conglomerate, mixture, agglomeration, composite
3. blend: fuse, admix, alloy, integrate, merge, mix, coalesce
Verb forms for combine
Present participle: combining
Present: combine (3.person: combines)
Past: combined
Future: will combine
Present conditional: would combine
Present Perfect: have combined (3.person: has combined)
Past Perfect: had combined
Future Perfect: will have combined
Past conditional: would have combined