Definition of combustion Pronunciation
1. The act or process of burning.
2. A process where two chemicals are combined to produce heat.
3. A process wherein a fuel is combined with oxygen, usually at high temperature, releasing heat.
4. Violent agitation, tumult.
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English - English - combustion Pronunciation
n. burning, ignition
n. combustion
n. combustion, burning
English - Spanish - combustion Pronunciation
s. combustión
English - French - combustion Pronunciation
n. combustion, inflammation
English - German - combustion Pronunciation
n. Verbrennung
English - Indonesian - combustion Pronunciation
n. pembakaran
English - Italian - combustion Pronunciation
s. combustione; (fig) grande agitazione, trambusto
English - Polish - combustion Pronunciation
n. spalanie, zapłon
English - Portuguese - combustion Pronunciation
s. combustão, queima
English - Romanian - combustion Pronunciation
n. ardere, combustie, acidificare
English - Russian - combustion Pronunciation
с. горение, сгорание, воспламенение, сожжение, окисление
English - Turkish - combustion Pronunciation
i. yanma, tutuşma
English - Ukrainian - combustion Pronunciation
n. горіння, запалювання, окислення
French - English - combustion Pronunciation
n. combustion
English - Dutch - combustion Pronunciation
zn. verbranding
English - Greek - combustion Pronunciation
ουσ. ανάφλεξη, καύση
French - Spanish - combustion Pronunciation
(technique) combustión (f)
French - German - combustion Pronunciation
n. verbrennung
French - Italian - combustion Pronunciation
(technique) combustione (f)
French - Portuguese - combustion Pronunciation
(technique) combustão (f)
French - Russian - combustion Pronunciation
n. воспламенение (f), горение (f), сгорание (f), окисление (f)
French - Turkish - combustion Pronunciation
[la] yanma
French - Dutch - combustion Pronunciation
(technique) verbranding (f)
English - Arabic - combustion Pronunciation
‏إهتياج عنيف، حريقة، غرفة إلاحتراق، إحراق‏
English - Chinese - combustion Pronunciation
(名) 燃烧, 氧化
English - Chinese - combustion Pronunciation
(名) 燃燒, 氧化
English - Hindi - combustion Pronunciation
n. ज्वलन, जलना, प्रदाह, दाह, दहन
English - Japanese - combustion Pronunciation
(名) 燃焼
English - Korean - combustion Pronunciation
명. 연소
English - Vietnamese - combustion Pronunciation
n. sự cháy

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Synonyms for combustion
1. violent disturbance: disturbance, tumult, turmoil, agitation, eruption, riot, excitement
2. oxidation: burning, flaming, fire, explosion, firing, kindling