Spanish - English - comida Pronunciation
[comida (f)] n. food, substance which provides the body with nutrients; meal, repast; lunch, dinner; (Latin America) evening meal; board
Portuguese - English - comida Pronunciation
n. food, board, fare, peck, dietarv
Spanish - French - comida Pronunciation
1. (coloquial) boustifaille (f); bouffe (f)
2. (comestibles) nourriture (f); manger (m)
3. (general) repas (m)
Spanish - German - comida Pronunciation
n. essen, speise, nahrung, mahlzeit, mahl, mittagessen, schmaus, kost, beköstigung, verpflegung, fressen, futter, fraß, fressalien
Spanish - Russian - comida Pronunciation
n. еда, пища, обед
Portuguese - French - comida Pronunciation
1. (comestíveis) nourriture (f); aliments (mp); manger (m); denrées (fp); vivres (mp); aliment (m)
2. (animais) nourriture (f)
Spanish - Korean - comida Pronunciation
n. 식사, 음식, 점심식사

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Synonyms for comida
1. colación: tentempié, refrigerio, refacción, convite, piscolabis, bocadillo, festín
2. sustento: alimento, manutención, comestible