Definitions and translations for "command"

Definition of command

1. An order to do something.
I was given a command to cease shooting.
2. The right or authority to order, control or dispose of; the right to be obeyed or to compel obedience.
To have command of an army
3. Power of control, direction or disposal; mastery.
He had command of the situation
England has long held command of the sea
A good command of language
4. A position of chief authority; a position involving the right or power to order or control.
General Smith was placed in command.
5. The act of commanding; exercise or authority of influence.
Command cannot be otherwise than savage, for it implies an appeal to force, should force be needful. (H. Spencer, Social Statics, p. 180)
6. A body or troops, or any naval or military force, under the control of a particular officer; by extension, any object or body in someone's charge.
7. Dominating situation; range or control or oversight; extent of view or outlook.
8. A directive to a computer program acting as an interpreter of some kind, in order to perform a specific task.
9. The degree of control a pitcher has over his pitches.
He's got good command tonight.
10. To order, give orders; to compel or direct with authority.
The soldier was commanded to cease firing.
The king commanded his servant to bring him dinner.
11. To have or exercise supreme power, control or authority over, especially military; to have under direction or control.
To command an army or a ship
12. To require with authority; to demand, order, enjoin.
He commanded silence
If thou be the son of God, command that these stones be made bread. (Mat. IV. 3.)
13. To dominate through ability, resources, position etc.; to overlook.
Bridges commanded by a fortified house. (Motley.)
14. To exact, compel or secure by influence; to deserve, claim.
A good magistrate commands the respect and affections of the people.
Justice commands the respect and affections of the people.
The best goods command the best price.
This job commands a salary of £30,000.
15. To hold, to control the use of.
The fort commanded the bay.
16. To have a view, as from a superior position.
17. To direct to come; to bestow.
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English - English - command

n. order, direction; control, domination; headquarters
v. rule, control, be in authority

English - Spanish - command

s. comando, directiva, directriz, dominio, instrucción, mandamiento, mandato, orden, ordenanza; autoridad, acaudillamiento
v. ordenar, comandar, dominar; ser dominante

English - French - command

n. ordre; commandement; commande
v. ordonner, commander

English - German - command

n. Befehl; Kontrolle; Kommando
v. herrschen, befehelen

English - Indonesian - command

n. aba-aba, perintah, pimpinan, kekuasaan, komando, titah
v. memerintahkan, menguasai, memiliki, mempunyai, mewajibkan, memberi hak, membangkitkan, menuntut, menitahkan

English - Italian - command

s. ordine, comando; direttiva; dominazione; quartier generale
v. comandare, controllare, essere al potere

English - Polish - command

n. nakazanie, rozkaz, naczelnictwo, komenda, dywizjon, przewód, przewodzenie, dowództwo, panowanie, hetmaństwo, dowodzenie, dyspozycja, kierunek, wódz
v. kazać, nakazać, rozkazać, dowodzić, hetmanić, przewodzić, komenderować, zakomenderować, panować, górować, dominować, rozporządzać, nakazywać, rozkazywać

English - Portuguese - command

s. comando, ordem; controle
v. comandar, controlar, governar

English - Romanian - command

n. ordin, poruncă {mil.}, comandă, autoritate, comandament, ordonanţă, stăpânire
v. comanda, ordona, pretinde, cere, domina, stăpâni, avea autoritate asupra, avea la dispoziţie, dicta, dispune de

English - Russian - command

с. приказ, команда, распоряжение, командование, военный округ, войска, господство, власть, владение, превышение
г. приказывать, командовать; управлять, начальствовать; иметь в распоряжении, располагать; внушать;давать, приносить; господствовать, возвышаться; держать под обстрелом

English - Turkish - command

f. emir vermek, emretmek; hükmetmek, hakim olmak, komuta etmek, yönetmek, kontrol etmek, hüküm sürmek; buyurmak; tepeden görmek; telkin etmek
i. emir; buyruk, komuta, yetki, kumanda, genel kurmay; hakimiyet; kuvvet, güç

English - Ukrainian - command

n. наказ, командування, влада, розпорядження, веління, заказ, команда, начальство
v. наказувати, командувати, контролювати, володіти, верховодити, доводити, веліти, казати, наказати

German - English - command

v. rule, control, be in authority

English - Dutch - command

zn. bevel; beheersing; commando
ww. beheersen

English - Greek - command

ουσ. εντολή, προσταγή, διαταγή, διοίκηση, ηγεσία, κυριαρχία
ρήμ. προστάζω, διοικώ

English - Arabic - command

‏قيادة، أمر، إصدار الأوامر، فرقة، أسطول، سلطة، سيطرة، إطلال، إشراف، دعوة ملكية، منجز بناء على طلب‏
‏أمر، قاد، سيطر، هيمن‏

English - Chinese - command

(名) 命令; 司令部; 掌握
(动) 命令; 控制; 指挥, 统率; 博得, 赢得; 指挥; 命令; 控制

English - Chinese - command

(名) 命令; 司令部; 掌握
(動) 命令; 控制; 指揮, 統率; 博得, 贏得; 指揮; 命令; 控制

English - Hindi - command

n. आज्ञा, आदेश, नियोग, नियंत्रण, कमान, हिदायत
v. आदेश देना, वश में रखना, कमान में रखना

English - Japanese - command

(動) 命令する; 指揮を執る; 支配する; 手中に収める; 意のままに振舞う; 起こさせる
(名) 命令; 支配; 指揮

English - Korean - command

명. 명령, 지휘; 지배력, 제어력; 사령부
동. 명령하다, 지휘하다, 지배하다

English - Vietnamese - command

n. lịnh, mạng lịnh, sự điều khiển, chỉ huy, đốc xuất, cai quản, bộ tư lịnh, quân đội
v. ra lịnh, truyền lịnh, sai khiến, chỉ huy, đốc xuất, điều khiển, tùy ý sử dụng, bắt phải

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Verb forms for command
Present participle: commanding
Present: command (3.person: commands)
Past: commanded
Future: will command
Present conditional: would command
Present Perfect: have commanded (3.person: has commanded)
Past Perfect: had commanded
Future Perfect: will have commanded
Past conditional: would have commanded