Definition of commit Pronunciation
1. To give in trust; to put into charge or keeping; to entrust; to consign; -- used with to, unto.
2. To put in charge of a jailor; to imprison.
3. To do; to perpetrate, as a crime, sin, or fault.
4. To join a contest; to match; followed by with.
5. To pledge or bind; to compromise, expose, or endanger by some decisive act or preliminary step; for example to commit oneself to a certain action, to commit oneself to doing something. (Traditionally used only reflexively but now also without oneself etc.)
6. To confound.
7. To commit an offence; especially, to fornicate.
8. The act of committing (e.g. a database transaction or source code into a source control repository), making it a permanent change.
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English - English - commit Pronunciation
v. perform, do, execute; offer, pledge (one's loyalty, etc.); be obliged; give, entrust; send to prison, send to an institution (i.e. mental institution)
v. commit
English - Spanish - commit Pronunciation
v. cometer, perpetrar; consignar
English - French - commit Pronunciation
v. accomplir, réaliser, exécuter, faire; proposer, offrir, suggérer; promettre, garantir, engager sa parole; être redevable; commettre, perpétrer; confier; charger, remettre; envoyer en prison ou dans une institution
English - German - commit Pronunciation
v. ausführen; übermitteln; einem Institut oder Gefängnis übergeben
English - Italian - commit Pronunciation
v. affidare, consegnare; relegare, mandare; raccomandare; commettere, compiere; impegnare; (rifl) compromettersi, impegnarsi
English - Portuguese - commit Pronunciation
v. cometer, executar; passar para as mãos de outrem; enviar a uma instituição; mandar para a prisão
English - Russian - commit Pronunciation
г. совершать, учинить; поручать, вверять; передавать законопроект в комиссию, вводить в дело, предавать огню; помещать (в тюрьму)
English - Turkish - commit Pronunciation
f. teslim etmek, emanet etmek; önermek, komisyona sunmak; söz vermek, adamak, vâât etmek; suç işlemek, işlemek
English - Dutch - commit Pronunciation
ww. uitvoeren; overgeven, overhandigen;opnemen in een gesticht; gevangen zetten
English - Greek - commit Pronunciation
ρήμ. εμπιστεύομαι, παραδίδω, παραπέμπω, διαπράττω, κάνω
English - Chinese - commit Pronunciation
(动) 委托, 押往, 犯罪
English - Chinese - commit Pronunciation
(動) 委託, 押往, 犯罪
English - Japanese - commit Pronunciation
(動) 遂行する; 誓う(忠誠心など); 強制する; 委託する; 投獄する, 施設に送る(精神病の施設など)
English - Korean - commit Pronunciation
동. 행하다, 수행하다; 제공하다, 서약하다 ( 충성심을 ); 의무를 지우다; 위탁하다, 맡기다; 감옥에 보내다, 정신 병원이나 감화원 등의 기관에 보내다

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Synonyms for commit
1. perpetrate: do, complete, perform, execute, effect, produce
2. entrust: commend, promise, confide, delegate, consign, allocate, appoint
3. institutionalise
4. institutionalize: put away, imprison, confine, lock up
Verb forms for commit
Present participle: committing
Present: commit (3.person: commits)
Past: committed
Future: will commit
Present conditional: would commit
Present Perfect: have committed (3.person: has committed)
Past Perfect: had committed
Future Perfect: will have committed
Past conditional: would have committed