n. corporation, firm; band, ensemble; basic military unit; people who are visitors in someone's house, guests, visitor (e.g.: "I am having company for dinner tonight"); condition of being with another person or with others; companionship
v. accompany; associate with
English - Spanish - company Pronunciation
s. compañía, consorcio, corporación, empresa, firma, sociedad; compañerismo; visitante, banda
English - French - company Pronunciation
n. compagnie, société; organisation, établissement, firme; corporation, ensemble, complexe; unité de base militaire, troupe
English - German - company Pronunciation
n. Gesellschaft, Firma; Musikband; Truppe
English - Italian - company Pronunciation
s. compagnia; (fam) ospiti, visite; assemblea; brigata, accolta di persone, comitiva; (Comm, Econ) società, ditta, impresa; (Mar) equipaggio, ciurma
English - Portuguese - company Pronunciation
s. corporação, firma, companhia; unidade militar básica
English - Russian - company Pronunciation
с. компания, собеседник, товарищество, фирма; гости; труппа, ансамбль артистов; общество; экипаж, рота, команда
English - Turkish - company Pronunciation
i. şirket, ortaklık, birlik; arkadaşlık, eşlik, topluluk, toplantı, misafir; bölük, tayfa
English - Albanian - company Pronunciation
n. shoqëri, miq, vizitorë, firmë, kompani, ekuipazh
English - Dutch - company Pronunciation
zn. gezelschap; maatschappij; firma, vennootschap
English - Greek - company Pronunciation
ουσ. εταιρεία, όμιλος, συντροφιά, λόχος, παρέα, συναναστροφή
English - Chinese - company Pronunciation
(名) 公司, 交际, 友伴
English - Chinese - company Pronunciation
(名) 公司, 交際, 友伴
English - Japanese - company Pronunciation
(名) 会社; 集団; 軍隊; 同席; 同席者; 交際; 仲間; 来客
English - Korean - company Pronunciation
명. 회사; 합주, 앙상블; 군중대
noun: an institution created to conduct business Example:He started the company in his garage.
noun: a unit of firefighters including their equipment Example:A hook-and-ladder company.
noun: a social gathering of guests or companions Example:The house was filled with company when I arrived.
noun: organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical) Example:The traveling company all stayed at the same hotel.

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Verb forms for company
Present participle: companying
Present: company (3.person: companies)
Past: companied
Future: will company
Present conditional: would company
Present Perfect: have companied (3.person: has companied)
Past Perfect: had companied
Future Perfect: will have companied
Past conditional: would have companied