Definition of compensation Pronunciation
1. The act or principle of compensating.
2. That which constitutes, or is regarded as, an equivalent; that which makes good the lack or variation of something else; that which compensates for loss or privation; amends; remuneration; recompense.
3. The extinction of debts of which two persons are reciprocally debtors by the credits of which they are reciprocally creditors; the payment of a debt by a credit of equal amount; a set-off.
4. A recompense or reward for some loss or service.
5. An equivalent stipulated for in contracts for the sale of real estate, in which it is customary to provide that errors in description, etc., shall not avoid, but shall be the subject of compensation.
6. The relationship between air temperature outside a building and a calculated target temperature for provision of air or water to contained rooms or spaces for the purpose of efficient heating. In building control systems the compensation curve is defined to a compensator for this purpose.
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English - English - compensation Pronunciation
n. recompense, repayment; something done to make up for (a loss, deficiency or fault)
n. compensation, restitution; amends; adjustment, correction
English - Spanish - compensation Pronunciation
s. compensación, contrapartida, desagravio, indemnificación, indemnización, recompensa, resarcimiento
English - French - compensation Pronunciation
n. compensation, dédommagement, indemnité; réparation
English - German - compensation Pronunciation
n. Entschädigung
English - Indonesian - compensation Pronunciation
n. ganti, ganti rugi, penggantian, kompensasi, tebusan, pituas, bayaran, upah, kepuasan, rasa puas
English - Italian - compensation Pronunciation
s. compensazione; risarcimento, indennizzo, indennità; ricompensa, soddisfazione; (Med) compenso
English - Polish - compensation Pronunciation
n. odszkodowanie, bonifikata, kompensata
English - Portuguese - compensation Pronunciation
s. compensação, recompensa
English - Romanian - compensation Pronunciation
n. compensare, compensaţie, despăgubire, indemnizaţie, recompensă, răscumpărare, schimb
English - Russian - compensation Pronunciation
с. возмещение, компенсация; вознаграждение, жалованье; уравновешивание, уравнивание; восстановление
English - Turkish - compensation Pronunciation
i. telâfi; karşılama, taviz, tazmin, tazminat; bedel, ödün, maaş
English - Ukrainian - compensation Pronunciation
n. компенсація, винагорода, зрівноваження
French - English - compensation Pronunciation
(f) n. compensation, restitution; amends; adjustment, correction
English - Dutch - compensation Pronunciation
zn. schadeloosstelling; vergoeding; kompensatie; schadevergoeding (geld)
English - Greek - compensation Pronunciation
ουσ. αποζημίωση
French - Spanish - compensation Pronunciation
1. (général) compensación (f) 2. (frais) remuneración (f); retribución (f); compensación (f); recompensa (f)
3. (gratitude) algo hecho a cambio; compensación (f) 4. (mal) indemnización (f); reparación (f); satisfacción (f); compensación (f)
5. (argent) remuneración (f); compensación (f) 6. (contrepoids) contrapeso (m); contrabalanza (f)
French - German - compensation Pronunciation
n. gegenleistung, entschädigung, rekompenz, verrechnung, kompensation, ausgleich
French - Italian - compensation Pronunciation
1. (général) compensazione (f) 2. (frais) rimborso (m); risarcimento (m)
3. (gratitude) compenso (m); contraccambio (m); cambio (m) 4. (mal) risarcimento dei danni; indennizzo (m); risarcimento (m); indennità {invariable}; ammenda (f)
5. (argent) indennità {invariable}; contraccambio (m); ricompensa (f) 6. (contrepoids) contrappeso (m); compensazione (f)
French - Portuguese - compensation Pronunciation
1. (général) compensação (f) 2. (frais) compensação (f); indenização (f)
3. (gratitude) algo feito em retorno a um favor; retorno a um favor 4. (mal) indenização (f); compensação (f); reparação (f); remuneração (f); ressarcimento (m); indenidade (f); satisfação (f)
5. (argent) ajuda de custo; compensação (f); permuta (f) 6. (contrepoids) contrapeso (m); contrabalanço (m); compensação (f)
French - Russian - compensation Pronunciation
n. возмещение (f), компенсация (f), возвращение (компенсация) (f), погашение (фин.) (f), уравнивание (f)
French - Turkish - compensation Pronunciation
[la] denkleştirme; ödeme, karşılık, tazminat
French - Dutch - compensation Pronunciation
1. (général) compensatie (f) 2. (frais) vergoeding (f); vereffening (f); compensatie (f)
3. (gratitude) tegenprestatie (f) 4. (mal) schadevergoeding (f); schadeloosstelling (f); vergoeding (f)
5. (argent) toelage (m/f); vergoeding (f) 6. (contrepoids) tegenwicht (n); tegendruk (m); tegengewicht (n)
English - Arabic - compensation Pronunciation
‏عوض عن‏
English - Chinese - compensation Pronunciation
(名) 补偿, 薪资, 赔偿金
English - Chinese - compensation Pronunciation
(名) 補償, 薪資, 賠償金
English - Hindi - compensation Pronunciation
n. क्षतिपूर्ति, मुआवज़ा, मुआविज़ा, तावान, प्रतिकार, प्रतिफल, पुरस्कार, पुरसकार, इनाम, मुआविज़ा देना
English - Japanese - compensation Pronunciation
(名) 補償金; 償われたもの(損害, 不足, 欠陥)
English - Korean - compensation Pronunciation
명. 배상, 환불; 변상 ( 손해 또는 결함에 대해)
English - Vietnamese - compensation Pronunciation
n. sự bồi thường, thường lại, đền bù

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