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English English - Definition of compensation 
n. recompense, repayment; something done to make up for (a loss, deficiency or fault)
n. compensation, restitution; amends; adjustment, correction
Spanish English To Spanish - compensation 
s. compensación, contrapartida, desagravio, indemnificación, indemnización, recompensa, resarcimiento
French English To French - compensation 
n. compensation, dédommagement, indemnité; réparation
German English To German - compensation 
n. Entschädigung
Italian English To Italian - compensation 
s. compensazione; risarcimento, indennizzo, indennità; ricompensa, soddisfazione; (Med) compenso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - compensation 
s. compensação, recompensa
Russian English To Russian - compensation 
с. возмещение, компенсация; вознаграждение, жалованье; уравновешивание, уравнивание; восстановление
Turkish English To Turkish - compensation 
i. telâfi; karşılama, taviz, tazmin, tazminat; bedel, ödün, maaş
English French To English - compensation 
(f) n. compensation, restitution; amends; adjustment, correction
Albanian English To Albanian - compensation 
n. zhdëmtim, kompensim, balancim [mjek.], pagesë [amer.], shpërblim [amer.]
Dutch English To Dutch - compensation 
zn. schadeloosstelling; vergoeding; kompensatie; schadevergoeding (geld)
Greek English To Greek - compensation 
ουσ. αποζημίωση
Dutch French To Dutch - compensation 
1. (général) compensatie (f) 2. (frais) vergoeding (f); vereffening (f); compensatie (f)
3. (gratitude) tegenprestatie (f) 4. (mal) schadevergoeding (f); schadeloosstelling (f); vergoeding (f)
5. (argent) toelage (m/f); vergoeding (f) 6. (contrepoids) tegenwicht (n); tegendruk (m); tegengewicht (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - compensation 
(名) 补偿, 薪资, 赔偿金
ChineseT English To ChineseT - compensation 
(名) 補償, 薪資, 賠償金
Japanese English To Japanese - compensation 
(名) 補償金; 償われたもの(損害, 不足, 欠陥)
Korean English To Korean - compensation 
명. 배상, 환불; 변상 ( 손해 또는 결함에 대해)
German French To German - compensation 
n. gegenleistung, entschädigung, rekompenz, verrechnung, kompensation, ausgleich
Italian French To Italian - compensation 
1. (général) compensazione (f) 2. (frais) rimborso (m); risarcimento (m)
3. (gratitude) compenso (m); contraccambio (m); cambio (m) 4. (mal) risarcimento dei danni; indennizzo (m); risarcimento (m); indennità {invariable}; ammenda (f)
5. (argent) indennità {invariable}; contraccambio (m); ricompensa (f) 6. (contrepoids) contrappeso (m); compensazione (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - compensation 
1. (général) compensação (f) 2. (frais) compensação (f); indenização (f)
3. (gratitude) algo feito em retorno a um favor; retorno a um favor 4. (mal) indenização (f); compensação (f); reparação (f); remuneração (f); ressarcimento (m); indenidade (f); satisfação (f)
5. (argent) ajuda de custo; compensação (f); permuta (f) 6. (contrepoids) contrapeso (m); contrabalanço (m); compensação (f)
Russian French To Russian - compensation 
n. возмещение (f), компенсация (f), возвращение (компенсация) (f), погашение (фин.) (f), уравнивание (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - compensation 
1. (général) compensación (f) 2. (frais) remuneración (f); retribución (f); compensación (f); recompensa (f)
3. (gratitude) algo hecho a cambio; compensación (f) 4. (mal) indemnización (f); reparación (f); satisfacción (f); compensación (f)
5. (argent) remuneración (f); compensación (f) 6. (contrepoids) contrapeso (m); contrabalanza (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - compensation 
[la] denkleştirme; ödeme, karşılık, tazminat
noun: something (such as money) given or received as payment or reparation (as for a service or loss or injury)
noun: (psychiatry) a defense mechanism that conceals your undesirable shortcomings by exaggerating desirable behaviors
noun: the act of compensating for service or loss or injury


 Synonyms for compensation
1. reimbursement: reparation, indemnity, settlement, damages, indemnification, restitution
2. payment: remuneration, wage, salary, wages, allowance, stipend, recompense
3. atonement: redress, amends, damages, retribution, satisfaction, consideration, requital

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