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Definition of compress

1. To make smaller; to press or squeeze together, or to make something occupy a smaller space or volume.
The force required to compress a spring varies linearly with the displacement.
2. To be pressed together or folded by compression into a more economic, easier format.
Our new model compresses easily, ideal for storage and travel
3. To condense into a more economic, easier format.
This chart compresses the entire audit report into a few lines on a single diagram.
4. To abridge.
If you try to compress the entire book into a three-sentence summary, you will lose a lot of information.
5. To make digital information smaller by encoding it using fewer bits.
6. To embrace sexually.
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English - English - compress

n. poultice, bandage
v. press together, make smaller using pressure; condense

English - Spanish - compress

s. compresa
v. comprimir, apelmazar, compactar, contraer, oprimir, prensar; condensar

English - French - compress

n. compresse
v. comprimer; condenser, concentrer

English - German - compress

n. Kompresse, feuchter Umschlag
v. komprimieren, das Wesentliche wiedergeben

English - Indonesian - compress

n. kompres
v. menekan, mengempakan, memampatkan, memadatkan, menyingkatkan, meringkaskan

English - Italian - compress

s. compressa di garza; (Mecc) pressaballe
v. comprimere; pressare; stringere, serrare; ridurre comprimendo, schiacciare; (fig) condensare, compendiare, riassumere; compattare

English - Polish - compress

n. kompres, okład
v. ściskać, sprężać, kompresować, sprasować, komprymować, kondensować, streszczać, ścisnąć, sprężyć, sprasowywać, streścić

English - Portuguese - compress

s. compressa, curativo
v. comprimir; resumir

English - Romanian - compress

n. compresă
v. comprima, presa, strânge, condensa, concentra {fig.}

English - Russian - compress

с. компресс, мягкая повязка
г. сжимать, сжать, сдавливать, уплотнять

English - Turkish - compress

f. kompres yapmak, bastırmak, sıkıştırmak, özetlemek, kısaltmak
i. kompres

English - Ukrainian - compress

n. компрес
v. стискувати, згнічувати

English - Dutch - compress

zn. drukverband
ww. samenpersen; samenvatten; beknoppen

English - Greek - compress

ουσ. κομπρέσα, κατάπλασμα
ρήμ. συμπιέζω, συμπυκνώνω, θλίβω

English - Arabic - compress

‏كماد، كمادة، مكبس‏
‏ضغط، كبس، عصر، ركز، إنضغط، كثف، تكثف، إنعصر‏

English - Chinese - compress

(名) 湿敷布; 打包机
(动) 压缩; 摘要叙述

English - Chinese - compress

(名) 濕敷布; 打包機
(動) 壓縮; 摘要敘述

English - Hindi - compress

n. पुलटिस
v. पुलटिस चढ़ना, सिकोड़ना, जमना, दबाना, संक्षिप्त करना
a. दबाया हुआ

English - Japanese - compress

(動) 圧縮する; 圧縮して詰める; 要約する
(名) 湿布

English - Korean - compress

명. 압박 붕대, 습포
동. 압축하다, 압착하다; 요약하다

English - Vietnamese - compress

n. súc tích, phô bày
v. đè ép, vải băng
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Synonyms for compress
1. contract: squeeze, constrict, pack, crush, wedge, crowd
2. bandage: pad
3. abbreviate: condense, reduce, outline, shorten, abridge, summarise, summarize, syncopate
Verb forms for compress
Present participle: compressing
Present: compress (3.person: compresses)
Past: compressed
Future: will compress
Present conditional: would compress
Present Perfect: have compressed (3.person: has compressed)
Past Perfect: had compressed
Future Perfect: will have compressed
Past conditional: would have compressed