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English English - Definition of conceivable 
adj. can be imagined, can be understood, can be thought of
Spanish English To Spanish - conceivable 
adj. concebible, aprehensible, conceptible, imaginable
French English To French - conceivable 
adj. concevable, imaginable
German English To German - conceivable 
adj. annehmbar; kann verstanden werden; vorstellbar
Italian English To Italian - conceivable 
agg. concepibile, pensabile, immaginabile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - conceivable 
adj. concebível
Russian English To Russian - conceivable 
прил. постижимый, мыслимый, возможный
Turkish English To Turkish - conceivable 
s. akla uygun, kavranabilir, makul, düşünülebilir
Albanian English To Albanian - conceivable 
adj. përfytyrueshëm: i përfytyrueshëm, besueshëm: i besueshëm
Dutch English To Dutch - conceivable 
bn. aannemelijk
Greek English To Greek - conceivable 
επίθ. αντιληπτός, κατανοητός, νοητός, καταληπτός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - conceivable 
(形) 想得到的, 可能的, 可想像的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - conceivable 
(形) 想得到的, 可能的, 可想像的
Japanese English To Japanese - conceivable 
(形) 想像できる; 考えられる; 考えられる限りの
Korean English To Korean - conceivable 
형. 생각할 수 있는, 상상할 수 있는, 이해할 수 있는
adjective: within the bounds of what may be conceived within the framework of nature Example:A cure is still conceivable.
adjective: possible to conceive or imagine


 Synonyms for conceivable
possible: feasible, likely, imaginable, workable, potential, thinkable

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