Definition of conchoid Pronunciation
1. Any of a family of curves defined as the locus of points p, such that each p is on a line that passes through a given fixed point P and intersects a given curve, C, and the distance from p to the point of intersection with C is a specified constant (note that for nontrivial cases two such points p satisfy the criteria, and the resultant curve has two parts).
The conchoid of a circle with respect to a point on the circle is a cardioid if the fixed distance is equal to the diameter of the circle.
The Conchoid of Nicomedes is the conchoid of a straight line with respect to a point not on the line.
2. A conchoidal fracture in rock.
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English - Spanish - conchoid Pronunciation
s. concoide (f)
English - French - conchoid Pronunciation
n. conque
English - German - conchoid Pronunciation
Muschellinie, Schneckenlinie, Konchoide, Muschelkurve
English - Italian - conchoid Pronunciation
s. concoide, curva algebrica del quarto grado usata per risolvere i problemi della trisezione dell'angolo e della duplicazione del cubo (matem.)
English - Polish - conchoid Pronunciation
n. konchoida
English - Portuguese - conchoid Pronunciation
s. concóide (m)
English - Russian - conchoid Pronunciation
с. конхоида (F)
English - Ukrainian - conchoid Pronunciation
n. конхоїда
Dutch - English - conchoid Pronunciation
n. conchoid
English - Dutch - conchoid Pronunciation
zn. conchoid
English - Greek - conchoid Pronunciation
ουσ. κογχοειδής
English - Arabic - conchoid Pronunciation
English - Hindi - conchoid Pronunciation
n. कंकोइड
English - Korean - conchoid Pronunciation
명. 나사선
English - Vietnamese - conchoid Pronunciation
n. giống vỏ sò

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