Definition of concierge Pronunciation
1. One who attends to the wishes of hotel guests.
2. One who attends to the maintenance of a building and provides services to its tenants and visitors.
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English - English - concierge Pronunciation
n. doorkeeper; hotel employee in charge of performing special services for guests; janitor
n. concierge; doorkeeper; porter, warder; caretaker
n. concierge, doorman, porter; janitor
English - Spanish - concierge Pronunciation
s. conserje, portero
English - French - concierge Pronunciation
n. concierge
English - German - concierge Pronunciation
n. Hausmeister
English - Italian - concierge Pronunciation
s. portiere
English - Portuguese - concierge Pronunciation
s. porteiro
English - Russian - concierge Pronunciation
с. консьерж, консьержка
English - Turkish - concierge Pronunciation
i. kapıcı
English - Ukrainian - concierge Pronunciation
n. консьєрж, консьєржка
French - English - concierge Pronunciation
(m) n. concierge; doorkeeper; porter, warder; caretaker
Italian - English - concierge Pronunciation
n. concierge
Dutch - English - concierge Pronunciation
n. concierge, doorman, porter; janitor
English - Dutch - concierge Pronunciation
zn. portier
English - Greek - concierge Pronunciation
ουσ. θυρωρός
French - German - concierge Pronunciation
n. hausmeister, hauswart, pförtner
French - Russian - concierge Pronunciation
n. консьерж (m), привратник (m), швейцар (m), дворник (m)
French - Turkish - concierge Pronunciation
[le] kapıcı
English - Arabic - concierge Pronunciation
English - Chinese - concierge Pronunciation
(名) 门房; 旅馆服务台职员
English - Chinese - concierge Pronunciation
(名) 門房; 旅館服務台職員
English - Hindi - concierge Pronunciation
n. कंसीयज
English - Japanese - concierge Pronunciation
(名) 門番; 管理人; 接客係
English - Korean - concierge Pronunciation
명. 수위, 안내인; 안내를 목적으로 고용된 호텔 직원; 관리인

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