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English English - Definition of concomitant 
adj. accompanying, concurrent, attendant, occurring together, belonging together
adj. concomitant
n. concomitant, accompanying, concurrent, attendant, occurring together, belonging together
Spanish English To Spanish - concomitant 
adj. concomitante, concurrente, simultáneo
French English To French - concomitant 
adj. concomitant
German English To German - concomitant 
adj. begleitend, Begleit-, gleichzeitig
Italian English To Italian - concomitant 
agg. concomitante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - concomitant 
adj. concomitante
Russian English To Russian - concomitant 
прил. сопутствующий, сопровождающий
Turkish English To Turkish - concomitant 
s. eşlik eden, beraberindeki
i. beraberinde gelen şey, doğal sonuç, olacağı
English French To English - concomitant 
adj. concomitant
English Dutch To English - concomitant 
n. concomitant, accompanying, concurrent, attendant, occurring together, belonging together
Albanian English To Albanian - concomitant 
n. shoqërues
adj. shoqërues
Dutch English To Dutch - concomitant 
bn. begeleidend, bijkomend, samengaand
Greek English To Greek - concomitant 
επίθ. συνακόλουθος
ουσ. οπαδός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - concomitant 
(形) 相伴的; 共存的; 附随的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - concomitant 
(形) 相伴的; 共存的; 附隨的
Japanese English To Japanese - concomitant 
(形) 付随する; 並存; 並行
Korean English To Korean - concomitant 
형. 수반하는
German French To German - concomitant 
adj. begleitend
Russian French To Russian - concomitant 
a. сопровождающий
Turkish French To Turkish - concomitant 
birlikte bulunan
noun: an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another
adjective: following as a consequence


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