Definition of condensation Pronunciation
1. The act or process of condensing or of being condensed
2. The state of being condensed.
3. The conversion of a gas to a liquid.
4. The condensate so formed.
5. The reaction of two substances with the simultaneous loss of water or other small molecule.
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English - English - condensation Pronunciation
n. changing of a gas into a liquid; compressing; something that has been shortened
n. condensation, concentration, mistiness
English - Spanish - condensation Pronunciation
s. condensación, sinopsis
English - French - condensation Pronunciation
n. condensation, concentration; épaississement
English - German - condensation Pronunciation
n. Verdichtung; Kondensation
English - Italian - condensation Pronunciation
s. condensazione; condensato, prodotto di condensazione; riassunto, compendio
English - Portuguese - condensation Pronunciation
s. condensação; concentração; engrossamento
English - Russian - condensation Pronunciation
с. конденсация, сгущение, уплотнение, сжижение, сжатость
English - Turkish - condensation Pronunciation
i. yoğunlaşma, gazdan sıvıya dönüşme, yoğunlaştırma; kümeleme, yığma, buğu, özet, kısaltma
French - English - condensation Pronunciation
(f) n. condensation, concentration, mistiness
English - Dutch - condensation Pronunciation
zn. condensatie; verdikking, concentratie
English - Greek - condensation Pronunciation
ουσ. πύκνωση, συμπύκνωση
French - Spanish - condensation Pronunciation
(physique) condensación (f)
French - German - condensation Pronunciation
n. kondensation, kondenswasser
French - Italian - condensation Pronunciation
(physique) condensazione (f); condensato (m)
French - Portuguese - condensation Pronunciation
(physique) condensação (f); substância condensada
French - Russian - condensation Pronunciation
n. конденсация (f), сгущение (f), уплотнение (f)
French - Turkish - condensation Pronunciation
[la] koyulaşma, yoğunlaşma
French - Dutch - condensation Pronunciation
(physique) condensatie (f); condensaat (n); condens (m); condenswater (n)
English - Chinese - condensation Pronunciation
(名) 压缩, 液化, 凝缩
English - Chinese - condensation Pronunciation
(名) 壓縮, 液化, 凝縮
English - Japanese - condensation Pronunciation
(名) 凝縮; 濃縮; 凝縮されたもの; 水滴
English - Korean - condensation Pronunciation
명. 액화, 가스를 액체로 만드는 것; 응축; 간결한 것

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