Definition of confine Pronunciation
1. To restrict; to keep within bounds; to shut or keep in a limited space or area.
2. To have a common boundary; to border; to lie contiguous; to touch; followed by on or with.
3. Limit.
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English - English - confine Pronunciation
v. limit, restrict; imprison
v. confine, limit; border
adj. confined, shut in
English - Spanish - confine Pronunciation
v. confinar, circunscribir, limitar; encarcelar, aprisionar, emparedar, encerrar, encerrar con tranca; comprender, localizar; enclaustrar, recluir
English - French - confine Pronunciation
v. confiner, borner, limiter, restreindre; emprisonner, enfermer; claustrer
English - German - confine Pronunciation
v. beschränken; einschränken
English - Italian - confine Pronunciation
v. limitare, restringere; confinare, relegare, rinchiudere; imprigionare
English - Portuguese - confine Pronunciation
v. confinar, demarcar, delimitar
English - Russian - confine Pronunciation
г. ограничивать, придерживаться; заточать, держать взаперти, заключать в тюрьму
English - Turkish - confine Pronunciation
f. sınırlamak, tutmak, hapsetmek, kapamak; loğusa olmak
i. sınır
French - English - confine Pronunciation
[confiné] adj. confined, shut in
Italian - English - confine Pronunciation
n. border, boundary, line, pale, confines, bound
Portuguese - English - confine Pronunciation
[confinar] v. limit, restrict, confine, abut; border, neighbor; bound
English - Dutch - confine Pronunciation
ww. begrenzen, beperken; binnen een grens houden, inbedden, insluiten
English - Greek - confine Pronunciation
ρήμ. εγκλείω, περιορίζω, φυλακίζω
ουσ. όριο
Italian - French - confine Pronunciation
1. (paese) frontière (f); limite (f); pays limitrophe
2. (demarcazione) démarcation (f); délimitation (f); frontière (f); bornes (fp)
Italian - German - confine Pronunciation
n. grenze, begrenzung, mark, markung, scheide, schranke, rain, grenzmal
English - Chinese - confine Pronunciation
(动) 限制, 禁闭, 闭居; 邻接, 接壤
English - Chinese - confine Pronunciation
(動) 限制, 禁閉, 閉居; 鄰接, 接壤
English - Japanese - confine Pronunciation
(動) 制限する; 閉じ込める
English - Korean - confine Pronunciation
동. 한정하다, 제한하다; 가두다

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Synonyms for confine
1. enclose: hold, immure, cage, imprison, corral, shut in, incarcerate
2. restrict: restrain, limit, hinder, hamper, curb, bind
Verb forms for confine
Present participle: confining
Present: confine (3.person: confines)
Past: confined
Future: will confine
Present conditional: would confine
Present Perfect: have confined (3.person: has confined)
Past Perfect: had confined
Future Perfect: will have confined
Past conditional: would have confined