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English English - Definition of confoundedly 
adv. in a perplexed manner, in a dumbfounded manner; detestably, damnably
Spanish English To Spanish - confoundedly 
adv. horriblemente, detestablemente
French English To French - confoundedly 
adv. confusément
German English To German - confoundedly 
adv. verflixt
Italian English To Italian - confoundedly 
avv. (fam) maledettamente, terribilmente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - confoundedly 
adv. de forma confusa
Russian English To Russian - confoundedly 
нареч. ужасно, страшно, чрезвычайно
Turkish English To Turkish - confoundedly 
zf. aşırı, belâ gibi
Albanian English To Albanian - confoundedly 
adv. shumë, tepër, kiamet: për kiamet
Dutch English To Dutch - confoundedly 
bw. verward, verbaasd
Greek English To Greek - confoundedly 
επίρ. τρομερά, πολύ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - confoundedly 
(副) 非常地; 恼人地; 十分地
ChineseT English To ChineseT - confoundedly 
(副) 非常地; 惱人地; 十分地
Japanese English To Japanese - confoundedly 
(副) 混乱して
adverb: in a perplexed manner.


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