adj. suited; pleasant, agreeable, affable
adj. congenial; congenital, inborn
adj. sympathetic, compassionate, caring
English - Spanish - congenial Pronunciation
adj. congenial, afable, afectuoso, agradable, compatible
Spanish - English - congenial Pronunciation
adj. congenial; congenital, inborn
English - French - congenial Pronunciation
adj. de même nature, sympathique, agréable
English - German - congenial Pronunciation
adj. kongenial, geistesverwandt; angenehm, sympathisch
English - Italian - congenial Pronunciation
agg. affine, simile, della stessa natura; piacevole, amabile, simpatico; congeniale, consono, adatto
English - Portuguese - congenial Pronunciation
adj. congenial; análogo; afim; agradável
English - Russian - congenial Pronunciation
прил. близкий по духу, подходящий, благоприятный, конгениальный
English - Turkish - congenial Pronunciation
s. kafa dengi, uygun, uyumlu, cana yakın, sempatik, hoş
Portuguese - English - congenial Pronunciation
adj. sympathetic, compassionate, caring
English - Albanian - congenial Pronunciation
adj. shkoj: që shkojnë me njeri tjetrin, ngjashëm: të ngjashëm, pëlqyeshëm: i pëlqyeshëm
English - Dutch - congenial Pronunciation
bn. passend; aangenaam
English - Greek - congenial Pronunciation
επίθ. συμπαθής, ευχάριστος, όμοιος, ταιριαστός
Spanish - German - congenial Pronunciation
a. geistesverwandt, gleichgesinnt, kongenial
Portuguese - French - congenial Pronunciation
(emprego) agréable
English - Chinese - congenial Pronunciation
(形) 同性质的, 趣味相同的, 适意的
English - Chinese - congenial Pronunciation
(形) 同性質的, 趣味相同的, 適意的
English - Japanese - congenial Pronunciation
(形) 気の合った; 性分に合った
English - Korean - congenial Pronunciation
형. 적합한, 맞는; 쾌적한, 취미에 맞는
adjective: used of plants; capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted
adjective: suitable to your needs or similar to your nature Example:A congenial atmosphere to work in.
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Synonyms for congenial
1. compatible: adapted, suitable, well-suited, congruous, proper, suited
2. agreeable: sociable, companionable, friendly, convivial, cordial, pleasant, sympathetic