Definition of congenial Pronunciation
1. Having the same or very similar nature, personality, tastes, habits or interests.
2. Friendly or sociable.
The congenial bartender makes the Hog’s Head an inviting place to hang out during the weekends.
3. Suitable to one's needs.
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English - English - congenial Pronunciation
adj. suited; pleasant, agreeable, affable
adj. congenial; congenital, inborn
adj. sympathetic, compassionate, caring
English - Spanish - congenial Pronunciation
adj. congenial, afable, afectuoso, agradable, compatible
Spanish - English - congenial Pronunciation
adj. congenial; congenital, inborn
English - French - congenial Pronunciation
adj. de même nature, sympathique, agréable
English - German - congenial Pronunciation
adj. kongenial, geistesverwandt; angenehm, sympathisch
English - Italian - congenial Pronunciation
agg. affine, simile, della stessa natura; piacevole, amabile, simpatico; congeniale, consono, adatto
English - Portuguese - congenial Pronunciation
adj. congenial; análogo; afim; agradável
English - Russian - congenial Pronunciation
прил. близкий по духу, подходящий, благоприятный, конгениальный
English - Turkish - congenial Pronunciation
s. kafa dengi, uygun, uyumlu, cana yakın, sempatik, hoş
Portuguese - English - congenial Pronunciation
adj. sympathetic, compassionate, caring
English - Dutch - congenial Pronunciation
bn. passend; aangenaam
English - Greek - congenial Pronunciation
επίθ. συμπαθής, ευχάριστος, όμοιος, ταιριαστός
Spanish - German - congenial Pronunciation
a. geistesverwandt, gleichgesinnt, kongenial
Portuguese - French - congenial Pronunciation
(emprego) agréable
English - Chinese - congenial Pronunciation
(形) 同性质的, 趣味相同的, 适意的
English - Chinese - congenial Pronunciation
(形) 同性質的, 趣味相同的, 適意的
English - Japanese - congenial Pronunciation
(形) 気の合った; 性分に合った
English - Korean - congenial Pronunciation
형. 적합한, 맞는; 쾌적한, 취미에 맞는

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Synonyms for congenial
1. compatible: adapted, suitable, well-suited, congruous, proper, suited
2. agreeable: sociable, companionable, friendly, convivial, cordial, pleasant, sympathetic