v. join, link; be joined, be linked
English - Spanish - connect Pronunciation
v. conectar, acoplar, empalmar, encadenar, enchufar, entroncar, eslabonar, juntar, unir; asociar, relacionar; estar conectado, hacer conexión; embragar
English - French - connect Pronunciation
v. brancher, joindre; se brancher
English - German - connect Pronunciation
v. verbinden, binden
English - Italian - connect Pronunciation
v. connettere, collegare, unire, allacciare; associare; avere relazioni con, essere in contatto con; imparentare; (Tel) mettere in comunicazione
English - Portuguese - connect Pronunciation
v. conectar, ligar; associar-se
English - Russian - connect Pronunciation
г. соединять, связывать, связать, сочетать, ; соединяться, связываться; ассоциировать; ставить в причинную связь, сочетаться, быть согласованным
English - Turkish - connect Pronunciation
f. bağlamak, bitiştirmek, birleştirmek, iletişim sağlamak; devreye sokmak, bağlanmak; ilgili olmak
English - Albanian - connect Pronunciation
v. lidh, bashkoj, përqas, lidhem, arrij qëllimit [fig.], dal: ia dal mbarë [fig.]
English - Dutch - connect Pronunciation
ww. verbinden; aansluiten
English - Greek - connect Pronunciation
ρήμ. συνδέω, συνδέομαι
English - Chinese - connect Pronunciation
(动) 连接, 连结; 给...接通电话; 联想; 联系; 连接, 连结; 衔接, 联运
English - Chinese - connect Pronunciation
(動) 連接, 連結; 給...接通電話; 聯想; 聯繫; 連接, 連結; 銜接, 聯運
English - Japanese - connect Pronunciation
(動) 繋ぐ; 繋がる; 接続する; 結びつける; 結ぶ; 連想する
English - Korean - connect Pronunciation
동. 잇다, 연결하다; 연결되다
verb: establish a rapport or relationship Example:The President of this university really connects with the faculty.
verb: be or become joined or united or linked Example:The two streets connect to become a highway.
verb: be scheduled so as to provide continuing service, as in transportation Example:The local train does not connect with the Amtrak train.
verb: join for the purpose of communication Example:Operator, could you connect me to the Raffles in Singapore?.

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Synonyms for connect
1. turn on: switch on, wire, link, install, hook up, plug in
2. combine: fasten, couple, tie, link, adjoin, attach, conjoin
3. associate: relate, correlate, attribute, bracket, identify with, assign, equate
Verb forms for connect
Present participle: connecting
Present: connect (3.person: connects)
Past: connected
Future: will connect
Present conditional: would connect
Present Perfect: have connected (3.person: has connected)
Past Perfect: had connected
Future Perfect: will have connected
Past conditional: would have connected