Definition of consecrated Pronunciation
1. Solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose.
A life consecrated to science.
The consecrated chapel.
A chapel dedicated to the dead of World War II.
2. Made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use.
A consecrated church.
The sacred mosque.
Sacred elephants.
Sacred bread and wine.
Sanctified wine.
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English - English - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] v. sanctify, bless, make sacred; dedicate, devote (to a cause or purpose)
English - Spanish - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] v. consagrar, bendecir, sacramentar, ungir
English - French - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] v. consacrer; sacrer
English - German - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] v. segnen, weihen; widmen
English - Indonesian - consecrated Pronunciation
a. suci, dipersuci: yg dipersuci
English - Italian - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] v. (Rel) consacrare; dedicare
English - Polish - consecrated Pronunciation
v. poświęcać, konsekrować, uświęcać
English - Portuguese - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] v. consagrar; sagrar; benzer; dedicar
English - Romanian - consecrated Pronunciation
a. sacru
English - Russian - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] г. посвящать, освящать, святить
English - Turkish - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] f. kutsamak, adamak, takdis etmek; vakfetmek
English - Ukrainian - consecrated Pronunciation
a. освячений, присвячений
English - Dutch - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] ww. inwijden; in dienst stellen
English - Greek - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] ρήμ. καθιερώ, αφιερώνω, εγκαινιάζω, καθαγιάζω, χειροτονώ, αγιάζω
English - Arabic - consecrated Pronunciation
كرس, قدس, رسم كاهنا, أعلن مقدسا, أحاطه بهالة, وقف لغرض ما
English - Chinese - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] (动) 供神用, 使神圣, 奉献
English - Chinese - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] (動) 供神用, 使神聖, 奉獻
English - Hindi - consecrated Pronunciation
v. सिखाना, ज्ञान देना
English - Japanese - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] (動) 神聖にする, 聖別する; 捧げる(理由または目的のために)
English - Korean - consecrated Pronunciation
[consecrate] 동. 신성하게 하다; 바치다, 전렴하다
English - Vietnamese - consecrated Pronunciation
v. dâng hiến, thừa nhận

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Synonyms for consecrated
blessed: sanctified, hallowed, divine, devoted