n. general agreement, majority
n. consensus, general agreement
n. consensus, general agreement, majority
English - Spanish - consensus Pronunciation
s. consenso, acuerdo, acuerdo general; unanimidad
English - French - consensus Pronunciation
n. consensus, unanimité; accord
English - German - consensus Pronunciation
n. Übereinstimmung, Konsens
English - Italian - consensus Pronunciation
s. consenso, unanimità; opinione generale
English - Portuguese - consensus Pronunciation
s. consenso
English - Russian - consensus Pronunciation
с. согласованность, согласие, единодушие, консенсус; согласованность действий различных органов тела
English - Turkish - consensus Pronunciation
i. fikir birliği, ortak görüş, oybirliği; organların etkileşimi
French - English - consensus Pronunciation
(m) n. consensus, general agreement
German - English - consensus Pronunciation
n. general agreement, majority
Dutch - English - consensus Pronunciation
n. consensus, general agreement, majority
English - Albanian - consensus Pronunciation
n. marrëveshje e përgjithshme, konsensus
English - Dutch - consensus Pronunciation
zn. algemene instemming; consensus
English - Greek - consensus Pronunciation
ουσ. ομοφωνία, κοινή συναίνεση
French - Spanish - consensus Pronunciation
(consentement) consenso (m); uniformidad (f)
French - German - consensus Pronunciation
n. übereinstimmung, konsens
French - Italian - consensus Pronunciation
(consentement) consenso (m); approvazione (f)
French - Portuguese - consensus Pronunciation
(consentement) consenso (m); unanimidade (f)
French - Russian - consensus Pronunciation
n. консенсус (m), согласованность (m)
French - Turkish - consensus Pronunciation
[le] mutabakat, anlaşma
Dutch - French - consensus Pronunciation
(eenstemmigheid) consensus (m); consentement (m)
French - Dutch - consensus Pronunciation
(consentement) consensus (m); eenstemmigheid (f); eensgezindheid (f)
English - Chinese - consensus Pronunciation
(名) 一致; 舆论; 合意; 共识
English - Chinese - consensus Pronunciation
(名) 一致; 輿論; 合意; 共識
English - Japanese - consensus Pronunciation
(名) 一致; 総意
English - Korean - consensus Pronunciation
명. 일반적인 일치, 다수의 의견 일치
German - Chinese - consensus Pronunciation
[der] 一致。共识。
noun: agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole Example:The lack of consensus reflected differences in theoretical positions.

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Synonyms for consensus
feeling of agreement: unanimity, agreement, accord, peace, concord, unity, harmony