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English English - Definition of consideration 
n. thoughtfulness, respectfulness; careful attention; compensation, payment
n. consideration; esteem, regard; respect; thoughtfulness; account
Spanish English To Spanish - consideration 
s. consideración, especulación, estimación, miramiento, ponderación, respeto
French English To French - consideration 
n. considération, égard, attention; compensation, rémunération
German English To German - consideration 
n. Rücksichtnahme, Berüchtsichtigung; Abwägen, Erwägung, Reflexion; Bezahlung, Gewinn
Italian English To Italian - consideration 
s. considerazione, esame; fattore, elemento; premura, riguardo, sollecitudine; riflessione; stima; ricompensa, rimunerazione; (Dir) controprestazione, corrispettivo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - consideration 
s. consideração, respeito, atenção; compensação, pagamento
Russian English To Russian - consideration 
с. рассмотрение, обсуждение, соображение; внимание, предупредительность; уважение; возмещение, компенсация
Turkish English To Turkish - consideration 
i. düşünme, göz önüne alma, sebep, itibar, önem, saygı, düşünce, karşılık, bedel, göz önünde tutma
Albanian English To Albanian - consideration 
n. peshim, interesim, vëmendje, gjykim, faktor, element, fakt, rrethanë, arësye, nderim, vlerësim, konsideratë, pagesë, shpërblim, rëndësi, arsye
Dutch English To Dutch - consideration 
zn. (het) rekening houden; (het) afwegen; aandachtig lezen; geldelijke winst
Greek English To Greek - consideration 
ουσ. θεώρηση, μελέτη, υπόληψη, λόγος, λεπτότητα, παράγοντας, σεβασμός, αμοιβή
ChineseS English To ChineseS - consideration 
(名) 体谅; 需要考虑的事; 考虑
ChineseT English To ChineseT - consideration 
(名) 體諒; 需要考慮的事; 考慮
Japanese English To Japanese - consideration 
(名) 考慮, 熟慮; 思いやり, 思慮深さ, 配慮; 報酬
Korean English To Korean - consideration 
명. 심사숙고, 사려깊음; 고려; 보답, 보상
noun: a considerate and thoughtful act
noun: kind and considerate regard for others Example:He showed no consideration for her feelings.
noun: the process of giving careful thought to something
noun: a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting) Example:Consideration of the traffic problem took more than an hour.
noun: a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone
noun: information that should be kept in mind when making a decision Example:Another consideration is the time it would t


 Synonyms for consideration
1. deliberation: reflection, forethought, contemplation, speculation, study, grounds, considering
2. attention: notice, regard, note, thought, mind, heed, advisement
3. thoughtfulness: compassion, respect, tact, courtesy, concern, regard, solicitude
4. point: notion, interest, issue, concept, view, factor, cause
5. compensation: commission, salary, wage, fee, recompense, payment, remuneration
6. importance: value, consequence, interest, moment, significance, weight

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