Definition of consistent Pronunciation
1. Of a regularly occurring, dependable nature.
The consistent use of Chinglish in China can be very annoying, apart from some initial amusement.
He is very consistent in his political choices: economy good or bad, he always votes Labour!
2. Compatible, accordant.
3. Of a set of statements, such that no contradiction logically follows from them.
4. Objects or facts that are coexistent, or in agreement with one another.
5. In the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church, a kind of penitent who was allowed to assist at prayers, but could not be admitted to receive the holy sacrament.
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English - English - consistent Pronunciation
adj. firm, coherent; steadfast
v. consist, be composed of
adj. consistent, firm, coherent; steadfast
English - Spanish - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistente, coherente, cohesivo, consecuente, constante, uniforme
English - French - consistent Pronunciation
adj. conséquent, logique
English - German - consistent Pronunciation
adj. folgerichtig, konsequent, stetig
English - Indonesian - consistent Pronunciation
a. tetap, berubah-ubah: yg tdk berubah-ubah, konsekuen, terus-menerus, terus-terusan, konsisten, selaras, sesuai, cocok, bersesuaian
English - Italian - consistent Pronunciation
agg. in armonia, coerente, corrispondente; fermo, costante
English - Polish - consistent Pronunciation
a. zgodny, konsekwentny, logiczny, zwarty, zwięzły
English - Portuguese - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistente, persistente, perseverante
English - Romanian - consistent Pronunciation
a. consistent, consecvent, potrivit cu
English - Russian - consistent Pronunciation
прил. совместимый, согласующийся, последовательный, стойкий, твердый, плотный
English - Turkish - consistent Pronunciation
s. tutarlı, bağıntılı; istikrarlı, uygun, kalıcı, sürekli
English - Ukrainian - consistent Pronunciation
a. послідовний, відповідний, установчий, твердий, сумісний
French - English - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistent
Romanian - English - consistent
a. consistent, solid, hearty, substantial
adv. consistently
Dutch - English - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistent, firm, coherent; steadfast
English - Dutch - consistent Pronunciation
bn. consequent zijnde
English - Greek - consistent Pronunciation
επίθ. σταθερός, συνεπής
Dutch - French - consistent Pronunciation
1. (kwaliteit) suivi
2. (logisch) logique; conséquent
English - Arabic - consistent Pronunciation
‏ملائم، متناغم، ثابت على مبدأ، متماسك، متسق، متناسق، متين‏
English - Chinese - consistent Pronunciation
(形) 一致的, 并立的, 调和的
English - Chinese - consistent Pronunciation
(形) 一致的, 並立的, 調和的
English - Hindi - consistent Pronunciation
a. सिलसिलेवार, तर्कयुक्त, अविरोधी, संगत
English - Japanese - consistent Pronunciation
(形) 首尾一貫した; 一致する
English - Korean - consistent Pronunciation
형. 견실한, 시종일관된; 확고한, 부동의
English - Vietnamese - consistent Pronunciation
a. đặc, rắn chắc, thích hợp, nhứt trí

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