adj. firm, coherent; steadfast
v. consist, be composed of
adj. consistent, firm, coherent; steadfast
English - Spanish - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistente, coherente, cohesivo, consecuente, constante, uniforme
English - French - consistent Pronunciation
adj. conséquent, logique
English - German - consistent Pronunciation
adj. folgerichtig, konsequent, stetig
English - Italian - consistent Pronunciation
agg. in armonia, coerente, corrispondente; fermo, costante
English - Portuguese - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistente, persistente, perseverante
English - Russian - consistent Pronunciation
прил. совместимый, согласующийся, последовательный, стойкий, твердый, плотный
English - Turkish - consistent Pronunciation
s. tutarlı, bağıntılı; istikrarlı, uygun, kalıcı, sürekli
French - English - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistent
Dutch - English - consistent Pronunciation
adj. consistent, firm, coherent; steadfast
English - Albanian - consistent Pronunciation
adj. qëndrueshëm: i qëndrueshëm, konsekuent, përputhje: në përputhje, pajtueshëm: i pajtueshëm
English - Dutch - consistent Pronunciation
bn. consequent zijnde
English - Greek - consistent Pronunciation
επίθ. σταθερός, συνεπής
Dutch - French - consistent Pronunciation
1. (kwaliteit) suivi
2. (logisch) logique; conséquent
English - Chinese - consistent Pronunciation
(形) 一致的, 并立的, 调和的
English - Chinese - consistent Pronunciation
(形) 一致的, 並立的, 調和的
English - Japanese - consistent Pronunciation
(形) 首尾一貫した; 一致する
English - Korean - consistent Pronunciation
형. 견실한, 시종일관된; 확고한, 부동의
adjective: the same throughout in structure or composition Example:Bituminous coal is often treated as a consistent and homogeneous product.
adjective: marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts
adjective: (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable Example:Testimony consistent with the known facts.
adjective: capable of being reproduced
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