Definition of constant Pronunciation
1. Unchanged through time or space; permanent.
2. Consistently recurring over time; persistent.
3. Steady in purpose, action, feeling, etc.
4. Firm; solid; not fluid.
5. Consistent; logical.
6. That which is permanent or invariable.
7. A quantity that remains at a fixed value throughout a given discussion.
8. Any property of an experiment, determined numerically, that does not change under given circumstances.
9. An identifier that is bound to an invariant value; a fixed value given a name to aid in readability of source code.
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English - English - constant Pronunciation
n. number with a fixed value (Mathematics)
adj. continuous; firm, steadfast, unmoving; faithful
adj. constant, firm, steadfast; steady, unfailing
English - Spanish - constant Pronunciation
s. constante
adj. constante, continuo, permanente; entregado; perseverante, fiable, persistente; fiel
English - French - constant Pronunciation
n. constante
adj. constant, continuel, stable
English - German - constant Pronunciation
n. Konstante, bestehende Größe
adj. stetig, kontinuierlich, stabil
English - Indonesian - constant Pronunciation
n. kesatuan yg konstan, konstan
a. terus-menerus, terus-terusan, ajek, tetap, konstan, panggeng
English - Italian - constant Pronunciation
s. costante
agg. costante, invariabile; continuo, incessante; fermo, perseverante; fedele
English - Polish - constant Pronunciation
a. stały, ustawiczny, konsekwentny, trwały, wytrwały, ciągły, nieprzerwany, wierny, niezmienny, niegasnący
English - Portuguese - constant Pronunciation
s. constante, permanente
adj. constante, contínuo, estável
English - Romanian - constant Pronunciation
n. constanţă {mat.}
a. constant, fidel, fix, stăruitor, statornic, susţinut
English - Russian - constant Pronunciation
с. постоянная величина, константа, постоянная
прил. постоянный, константный, неизменный, верный, неослабный, твердый
English - Turkish - constant Pronunciation
i. konstant
s. daimi, sabit, değişmez, sürekli; ısrarlı, sebatlı, sadık, vefalı; durağan
English - Ukrainian - constant Pronunciation
n. константа
a. постійний, сталий, тривкий, константний, витривалий, настійливий, невиводний, незмінний
French - English - constant Pronunciation
adj. constant, firm, steadfast; steady, unfailing
Romanian - English - constant
a. constant, steadfast, permanent, abiding, uniform, unfailing, unchanging, firm, steady, smooth
Dutch - English - constant Pronunciation
adv. invariably, permanently, constantly
English - Dutch - constant Pronunciation
zn. constant, onveranderlijk
bn. vast, permanent, stabiel
English - Greek - constant Pronunciation
επίθ. αδιάκοπος, πιστός, συνεχής, διαρκής, σταθερός
French - Spanish - constant Pronunciation
1. (continuité) continuo; ininterrumpido; incesante; continuado; permanente 2. (climat) estable; regular 3. (vitesse) constante
4. (provision) constante; regular; fijo 5. (caractère) ecuánime
6. (mouvement) constante; uniforme 7. (temps) incesante; implacable
French - German - constant Pronunciation
adj. stetig, gleichbleibend, unverändert, unvermindert, unveränderlich, stet, konstant, beständig, ausdauernd
French - Italian - constant Pronunciation
1. (continuité) continuo; incessante; ininterrotto; costante 2. (climat) costante 3. (vitesse) costante
4. (provision) costante; regolare; uniforme 5. (caractère) sereno; calmo; tranquillo
6. (mouvement) costante; uniforme 7. (temps) implacabile; inesorabile; spietato
French - Portuguese - constant Pronunciation
1. (continuité) contínuo; ininterrupto; incessante; constante; permanente 2. (climat) estável; constante 3. (vitesse) constante
4. (provision) regular; constante; uniforme 5. (caractère) equilibrado; tranqüilo; sereno 6. (mouvement) constante; uniforme; regular
7. (temps) incessante; implacável; persistente
French - Russian - constant Pronunciation
a. постоянный, неизменный, константный, стойкий, устойчивый, равномерный
French - Turkish - constant Pronunciation
sabırlı, dayanıklı; metin
Dutch - French - constant Pronunciation
1. (continuïteit) continuel; incessant; sans cesse; persistant; constant; perpétuel 2. (snelheid) constant
3. (voorraad) constant; régulier 4. (onveranderlijk) immuable; inaltérable
5. (voortdurend) constamment; continuellement; incessamment; sans cesse 6. (altijd) toujours; constamment; sans cesse
French - Dutch - constant Pronunciation
1. (continuité) aanhoudend; voortdurend; onophoudelijk; constant; non-stop 2. (climat) gelijkmatig; regelmatig; bestendig 3. (vitesse) constant; gelijkblijvend
4. (provision) regelmatig; geregeld; constant; voortdurend 5. (caractère) gelijkmoedig 6. (mouvement) gelijkmatig; gestadig; gestaag
7. (temps) gestaag; aanhoudend
English - Arabic - constant Pronunciation
‏شىء غير متغير‏
‏مستمر، دائم، ثابت، مستقر، ساكن، متواصل، مطرد، نظامي، مخلص، وفي، منتظم‏
English - Chinese - constant Pronunciation
(名) 常数; 恒量
(形) 不变的; 坚决的; 持续的
English - Chinese - constant Pronunciation
(名) 常數; 恆量
(形) 不變的; 堅決的; 持續的
English - Hindi - constant Pronunciation
n. कंस्टन्ट
a. नित्य, सतत, स्थिर
English - Japanese - constant Pronunciation
(形) 一定の; 絶え間のない; 心変わりをしない
(名) 定数(数学)
English - Korean - constant Pronunciation
명. 상수
형. 끊임없는; 확고한, 견고한; 충직한
English - Vietnamese - constant Pronunciation
n. liên tiếp
a. vửng vàng, không thay đổi

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