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English English - Definition of consternation 
n. amazement; alarm, shock, apprehension; dismay
n. consternation, despondency, dismay
Spanish English To Spanish - consternation 
s. consternación, desconcierto
French English To French - consternation 
n. consternation
German English To German - consternation 
n. Bestürzung
Italian English To Italian - consternation 
s. costernazione; terrore
Portuguese English To Portuguese - consternation 
s. consternação, confusão, alarme
Russian English To Russian - consternation 
с. ужас, испуг, оцепенение
Turkish English To Turkish - consternation 
i. şaşkınlık, hayret, afallama, dehşet, donup kalma
English French To English - consternation 
(f) n. consternation, despondency, dismay
Albanian English To Albanian - consternation 
n. shtangie, tmerr
Dutch English To Dutch - consternation 
zn. ontsteltenis
Greek English To Greek - consternation 
ουσ. κατάπληξη, τρόμος, φόβος, κατάπληξη από φόβο, ταραχή
Dutch French To Dutch - consternation 
(stupéfaction) ontzetting (f); verbijstering (f); ontsteltenis (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - consternation 
(名) 惊愕, 惊骇
ChineseT English To ChineseT - consternation 
(名) 驚愕, 驚駭
Japanese English To Japanese - consternation 
(名) 驚き, 仰天; 狼狽
Korean English To Korean - consternation 
명. 깜짝 놀람
German French To German - consternation 
n. bestürzung, erschütterung, betroffenheit
Italian French To Italian - consternation 
(stupéfaction) costernazione (f); sgomento (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - consternation 
(stupéfaction) consternação (f); aflição (f)
Russian French To Russian - consternation 
n. ужас (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - consternation 
(stupéfaction) consternación (f); estupefacción (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - consternation 
[la] büyük üzüntü, çöküntü
noun: fear resulting from the awareness of danger


 Synonyms for consternation
apprehension: horror, dread, dismay, fear, fright, trepidation, terror

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