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English French To English - continuellement 
adv. continually
Dutch French To Dutch - continuellement 
1. (temps) onophoudelijk; voortdurend; onafgebroken; ononderbroken; aanhoudend; continu; doorlopend; zonder tussenpozen
2. (constamment) constant; voortdurend; onophoudelijk; aanhoudend
German French To German - continuellement 
adv. andauernd, dauernd, fortdauernd, fortgesetzt, fortwährend, ständig, wieder und wieder, fort: in einem fort, immerfort, band: am laufenden band, unaufhörlich, ununterbrochen
Italian French To Italian - continuellement 
1. (temps) continuamente; incessantemente; senza interruzione
2. (constamment) costantemente; continuamente; in continuazione
Portuguese French To Portuguese - continuellement 
1. (temps) continuadamente; incessantemente; constantemente; ininterruptamente
2. (constamment) constantemente; continuadamente; continuamente; persistentemente; toda hora
Russian French To Russian - continuellement 
adv. непрерывно, безостановочно
Spanish French To Spanish - continuellement 
1. (temps) continuamente; ininterrumpidamente; sin cesar
2. (constamment) constantemente; continuamente; incesantemente
Turkish French To Turkish - continuellement 
aralıksız, sürekli olarak, durmadan


 Synonyms for continuellement
toujours: constamment, sans cesse, sans interruption, sans relâche, sans répit, continûment, sempiternellement, assidûment

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