Definition of control Pronunciation
1. To exercise influence over; to suggest or dictate the behavior of.
With a simple remote, he could control the toy truck.
2. Influence or authority over.
The government has complete control over the situation.
3. A separate group or subject in an experiment against which the results are compared where the primary variable is low or non-existent.
4. The method and means of governing the performance of any apparatus, machine or system, such as a lever, handle or button.
5. Restraint or ability to contain one's movements or emotions, or self-control.
6. A security mechanism, policy, or procedure that can counter system attack, reduce risks, and resolve vulnerabilities; a safeguard or countermeasure.
7. A means of monitoring for, and triggering intervention in, activities that are not going according to plan.
8. A duplicate book, register, or account, kept to correct or check another account or register.
9. An interface element that a computer user interacts with, such as a window or a text box.
10. Any of the physical factors determining the climate of a place, such as latitude, distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high- or low-barometric-pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.
11. A construction in which the understood subject of a given predicate is determined by an expression in context. See control.
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English - English - control Pronunciation
n. rule, command; supervision; control panel; restraint
v. rule, command; restrain; supervise; examine, check
n. Control Break, key combination used to stop the execution of a program in DOS (Computers)
English - Spanish - control Pronunciation
s. control, monitoreo, regulación, supervisión; autoridad, dominio, gobierno, mando, poder, predominancia, predominio, prevalencia; perilla de control
v. controlar, ajustar, llevar el control de, manejar, regular, tener control sobre; dominar, manipular; administrar, asumir el cargo de, monitorear
Spanish - English - control Pronunciation
[control (m)] n. control; restraint; checkpoint, roadblock; censorship, censor
English - French - control Pronunciation
n. contrôle, surveillance; commande; tableau de commande; retenue
v. contrôler, se contrôler; surveiller; vérifier
English - German - control Pronunciation
n. Kontrolle; Verwaltung; Beherrschung
v. steuern; untersuchen
English - Italian - control Pronunciation
s. controllo; autorità, potere; dominio, padronanza; autocontrollo, padronanza di sé; verifica; termine di paragone, confronto; sorveglianza, vigilanza; (Mecc) comando, dispositivo di regolazione
v. controllare, frenare, dominare; regolare; verificare, riscontrare; tenere sotto controllo, contenere il diffondersi di; (Aer, Mar) pilotare, governare
English - Portuguese - control Pronunciation
s. controle; domínio; governo; autoridade; direção
v. controlar; dominar; examinar; dirigir; guiar
English - Russian - control Pronunciation
с. управление, руководство, надзор, контроль; регулировка, регулирование, сдерживание; сдержанность, самообладание, рычаги управления, ручки настройки прибора, ручки настройки радиоприемника; модуляция [радио]
г. управлять, заправлять, распоряжаться, руководить; контролировать, проверять; регулировать, нормировать, обусловливать, настраивать; сдерживать, совладать
English - Turkish - control Pronunciation
f. kontrol etmek, idare etmek, hakim olmak, denetlemek, işletmek
i. kontrol, güç, otorite, hakimiyet, sorumluluk, denetim, idare
Italian - English - control Pronunciation
n. Control Break, key combination used to stop the execution of a program in DOS (Computers)
English - Dutch - control Pronunciation
zn. controle; beheer; stuurinrichting; beheersing
ww. controleren; beheersen; beheren; onderzoeken; regelen
English - Greek - control Pronunciation
ουσ. διακόπτης, έλεγχος, εξουσία, ρύθμιση
ρήμ. ελέγχω, εξουσιάζω, συγκρατώ, ρυθμίζω, επαληθεύω
Spanish - French - control Pronunciation
1. (general) contrôle (m)
2. (inspección) vérification (f); contrôle (m)
3. (dominación) domination (f); règne (m); pouvoir (m)
Spanish - German - control Pronunciation
n. kontrolle, überprüfung, nachprüfung, prüfung, aufsicht, inspektion, überwachung, übersicht, beaufsichtigung, bewirtschaftung, beherrschung, steuerung, gewalt
Spanish - Russian - control Pronunciation
n. контроль, наблюдение, учет
English - Chinese - control Pronunciation
(名) 控制, 克制, 管理
(动) 控制; 管理; 支配; 克制
English - Chinese - control Pronunciation
(名) 控制, 克制, 管理
(動) 控制; 管理; 支配; 克制
English - Japanese - control Pronunciation
(動) 支配する; 抑える; 操作する
(名) 支配; 抑制; 統制の手段; 操作
English - Korean - control Pronunciation
명. 지배, 지배권; 통제 ; 관리단; 제한
동. 지배하다; 억제하다; 지시 감독하다; 검사하다
Spanish - Korean - control Pronunciation
n. 지배, 관찰

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Verb forms for control
Present participle: controlling
Present: control (3.person: controls)
Past: controlled
Future: will control
Present conditional: would control
Present Perfect: have controlled (3.person: has controlled)
Past Perfect: had controlled
Future Perfect: will have controlled
Past conditional: would have controlled