n. something opposite, something which is the reverse of something else
v. talk, discuss
adj. opposite, contrary
English - Spanish - converse Pronunciation
s. antítesis, contrario, opuesto, recíproca, reverso
v. conversar, confabular, departir, hablar, parlar, platicar
adj. opuesto
English - French - converse Pronunciation
n. inversion
v. parler, converser
adj. inverse
English - German - converse Pronunciation
n. Gegenteil, Umkehrung, Gegensatz
v. sprechen
adj. umgekehrt, gegensätzlich
English - Italian - converse Pronunciation
s. l'opposto, il contrario
v. conversare, discorrere
agg. opposto, inverso
English - Portuguese - converse Pronunciation
s. o oposto, o inverso
v. conversar
adj. inverso, oposto
English - Russian - converse Pronunciation
с. разговор, беседа, общение, обратное положение
г. разговаривать, беседовать, поддерживать отношения, общаться
прил. обратный, перевернутый
English - Turkish - converse Pronunciation
f. sohbet etmek, söyleşmek
i. evirtim, akis
s. ters, zıt, karşıt
French - English - converse Pronunciation
adj. lay, not clerical; not a member of the ordained clergy; not professional, not a member of a certain profession
English - Albanian - converse Pronunciation
n. thënie e kundërt, teoremë e anasjelltë [mat.]
v. bisedoj
adj. kundërt: i kundërt, anasjellë: i anasjellë
English - Dutch - converse Pronunciation
zn. tegendeel
ww. spreken; een gesprek houden
bn. omgekeerde
English - Greek - converse Pronunciation
ουσ. αντίστροφο, ομιλία, αντίστροφος, αντίθετο
ρήμ. συνδιαλέγομαι, συνομιλώ
επίθ. αντίστροφος
English - Chinese - converse Pronunciation
(名) 谈话; 交谈#逆, 相反的事物; 反题, 反转语
(动) 交谈, 谈话
(形) 相反的, 逆的, 颠倒的
English - Chinese - converse Pronunciation
(名) 談話; 交談#逆, 相反的事物; 反題, 反轉語
(動) 交談, 談話
(形) 相反的, 逆的, 顛倒的
English - Japanese - converse Pronunciation
(動) 会話する, 談話する, 懇談する
(形) 逆の, 反対の
(名) 逆; 反対命題
English - Korean - converse Pronunciation
명. 반대, 역
동. 함께 이야기하다, 토의하다
형. 뒤바뀐
noun: a proposition obtained by conversion
verb: carry on a conversation
adjective: of words so related that one reverses the relation denoted by the other Example:`parental' and `filial' are converse terms.
adjective: turned about in order or relation
name: A surname (rare: 1 in 50000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #6091)
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Synonyms for converse
1. opposite: antithesis, reverse, inverse, corollary, transformation
2. contrary: opposite, transposed, reversed, corollary, inverse
3. discourse: colloquy, visit, discussion, talk, chin
4. talk with: speak, chat, discuss, parley
Verb forms for converse
Present participle: conversing
Present: converse (3.person: converses)
Past: conversed
Future: will converse
Present conditional: would converse
Present Perfect: have conversed (3.person: has conversed)
Past Perfect: had conversed
Future Perfect: will have conversed
Past conditional: would have conversed